Why Design for Circularity?



Environmental crises triggered by global warming and climate change have underlined the dire need to explore more sustainable ways of living by moving toward the more planet-friendly, zero-waste circular economy.

At Cyient, we are committed to supporting the conversion of today’s linear or “throwaway” economy into a more circular one by focusing on re-designing products, processes, and solutions to ensure minimal waste and optimized use of resources.

Design for Circularity takes forward our broader vision of building a sustainable tomorrow. The practice enables engineering-centric industries such as rail, automotive, aerospace, and medtech industries to build more sustainable practices, products, and solutions.


Our Solutions



Consolidating data from manufactured products along the value chain becomes increasingly crucial for providing transparency to relevant stakeholders. We support our customers in complying with new regulations and standards by providing the right mix of solutions and digital tools​.



Designing out waste by going back to the start of the product value chain. Since materials are the building blocks of the final product, by rethinking the materials we select to make products and components, we can control the design in terms of safety and sustainability.



Obsolescence is inevitable and unavoidable, but forethought and careful planning can minimize its impact and its potential for high costs. Our obsolescence management program ensures customers that obsolescence is managed from the initial stages of product design development and production, to in-service support to minimize detrimental impact throughout the product life cycle.



Creating robust supply chains that meet sustainability standards. 


Join Us in Building a
Sustainable Tomorrow

We conduct insightful sessions to discuss and deliberate on best practices, as well as evaluate emerging trends and policies for the circular economy. These sessions bring together international academics, scientists, policymakers, researchers, enterprises, designers, and students.

Advancing the Circular Economy through New Business Models and Practices

Karthik Natarajan in conversation with Pierre Yves Cohen, Co-founder & CEO, eolos

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Cyient and eolos Partner to Launch “Design for Circularity” Consulting and Engineering Practice.

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Designing a Cleaner Tomorrow Together
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About Us


Cyient (Estd: 1991, NSE: CYIENT) is a global engineering and digital technology solutions company. As a Design, Build, and Maintain partner for leading organizations worldwide, Cyient takes solution ownership across the value chain to help customers focus on their core, innovate, and stay ahead of the curve. The company leverages digital technologies, advanced analytics capabilities, domain knowledge, and technical expertise to solve complex business problems.  

Cyient partners with customers to operate as part of their extended team in ways that best suit their organization’s culture and requirements. Cyient’s industry focus includes aerospace and defense, healthcare, telecommunications, rail transportation, semiconductor, geospatial, industrial, and energy. 

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At eolos, we believe the circular economy offers an inspiring framework and vast opportunities for companies to re-think their business models and  operations, while remaining profitable and contributing to a sustainable world. 

Together with our global network of experts, partners, and dedicated teams, eolos acts as  an architect of integrated solutions, organized in three main fields of activity: consulting,  investment and mentorship, and research and projects. 

With sustainability at our core, we believe diversity in people is key to unleashing creativity.  We are always looking to grow both our team and network.

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