We provide a formally defined series of tests at Cyient by which we evaluate the functional and environmental aspects and the reliability of a component. These tests are part of our operational requirements to validate satisfactory design and construction prior to final approval by certification authorities. Our testing services broadly cover three areas:

  • Qualification testing and documentation (QT&D): We offer QT&D and test engineering either together or independently. Based on the qualification test plan and procedures documented during the preliminary and detailed design phases, we perform actual qualification and certification tests on test rigs to generate final reports that are submitted to the competent authority for certification.
  • Aero engine test support (ET): Enables test data collection from the test bed while the engine is under experimental or production test. We analyze the data from various rakes and probes fitted across the test engine for correctness before generating a trend report through various power bands of engine operation. The reports are finally submitted to the FAA for certification.
  • Test and evaluation support (T&E): Provides design and drawing support by identifying locations for various sensors on the test aircraft and systems.

How We Can Help

  • Civil Aviation Authority (UK)—approved signatory for certifying test setup conformity during systemqualification testing
  • Complete ownership of line-replaceable unit qualification testing, test engineering and documentation

Quick facts

  • Resources: over 40 QT&D, 3 ET support, and 4 T&E support
  • Hours of support: 130,000 hours QT&D, 50,000 hours ET, and 35,000 hours T&E
  • Alliances and partnership: AMS, Wlox; Actuation Systems, Rockford; Power System, San Diego
  • Standards and certifications: RTCA DO160E, DO-178B, DO-254; FAR 23/25/29/33; MIL 704E/461C/810E/HDBK217
  • COTS and in-house tools: Unigraphics NX 7.0; CATIA V5 R18; NPSS; MS Office; Acrobat; proprietary