Product Localization

We offer product localization at Cyient as a standalone service that effectively addresses specific client requirements. The product localization services can be classified into three broad types: comply with statutory requirements; address feature requirements; and address cost expectations of the new market. Equipped with extensive experience in addressing all three requirements, we adopt an approach that includes:

  • Benchmarking: comparative study of given product against competing products
  • Value analysis: teardown and feature study to identify feature enhancement and cost-reduction opportunities
  • Compliance study: review the product for local regulatory compliance
  • Detailed design: redesign the product to new specifications and arrive at should cost
  • Prototyping and testing: develop prototypes and conduct physical testing
  • Technical documentation: develop necessary technical and user documents

How We Can Help

  • Knowledge of compliance and regulatory standards in emerging and developed markets
  • Database of over 1,000 qualified vendors with the right set of infrastructure for faster product localization support
  • Enable accelerated product launch through extensive product knowledge and robust process maturity

Quick facts

  • Delivered more than 20 localization projects across multiple industries
  • Strong ecosystem of more than 15 global metallurgical test centers for advanced material analysis
  • Team of 50 product experts with subsystem-level expertise