We offer benchmarking at Cyient as a standalone service or as part of an overall product engineering activity. Our benchmark study provides insights on various attributes of the product such as performance data, material properties, feature study, probable manufacturing cost, etc. It also offers recommendations on pertinent product changes to gain competitive advantage. Our benchmarking approach consists of:

  • Market research: business, and competitor landscape study
  • Tear-down analysis: assembly sequence, dimensions, and material properties
  • Feature analysis: functional study of product, subsystems, and parts
  • Benchmark report: comparison of feature, performance, materials, and cost

How We Can Help

  • Extensive expertise in benchmarking across a wide range of products ranging from cubic millimeters tocubic meters across multiple industries
  • Strong team of subject matter experts with extensive experience across different domains to provide subsystem-level expertise

Quick facts

  • Tie-ups with global metallurgical test centers,metrological laboratories and scanning centers foradvanced material and metrological analysis
  • Executed more than 15 benchmarking projects of varying size and scope across multiple industries
  • Over 40 subject matter experts from different domains, plus a team of 25 specialists with expertise in specific aspects of benchmarking