Manufacturing Process Planning

Our manufacturing process planning at Cyient helps prepare detailed work instructions that enable the production of products and parts. It integrates design and manufacturing functions by converting design specifications into process plans, using design-for-manufacturability (DFM) studies. We also provide process implementation consulting for advanced manufacturing and assembly technologies, like flexible manufacturing systems, pick-and place devices, and automation of workplace logistics. Our team conducts process time-and-motion studies for optimizing the manufacturing process plan using Therbligs and MOST techniques. Our manufacturing process planning activities include the following:

  • Manufacturability studies
  • Integrated manufacturing process planning
  • Assembly process planning
  • Process failure mode analysis (PFMEA)
  • Manufacturing process review and optimization (manufacturing process gap analysis)
  • Manufacturing and engineering change management
  • Manufacturing repair process planning (including remanufacturing layout planning)
  • 3D modeling and drafting that support graphics for shop operation sheets (annotation of the assembly sequence)

How We Can Help

  • Expertise in increasing manufacturing throughput by leveraging cross-functional experience in process planning across industries
  • Knowledge of global manufacturing process standards to support in the manufacturing process certification
  • Ability to develop optimal manufacturing process plan by leveraging our subsystem and component-level knowledge in product engineering

Quick Facts

  • Over 500,000 hours of experience in process planning
  • More than 10 years of experience in manufacturing process planning
  • Over 100 manufacturing engineers with an average experience of more than five years on various stages of manufacturing process planning