CNC Programming

CNC (computerized numerical control) programming is a set of programmed commands to numerically control the process of machining, and we have vast experience at Cyient in CNC programming for complex geometries and profiles. Our manufacturing engineering capabilities help us understand and optimize a variety of machining operations like multi-axis milling, drilling, turning, grinding, etc. For CNC program verification, we use industry standard tools and techniques such as VeriCut and NCVerify to reduce the likelihood of errors, eliminating production time losses. We also have the capability to integrate various processor environments such as Fanuc, Siemens and Fagor. As a part of CNC programming and verification, we offer:

  • Tool path generation
  • Cut sequences documentation
  • APT programming
  • CNC program optimization
  • Post-processor development
  • Adaptive programming for repair and salvage of components
  • Virtual machine modeling and simulation

How We Can Help

  • Developed in-house automated tools that can be leveraged for optimizing the CNC programming process
  • Proven ability to customize and establish computer aided manufacturing (CAM) package environments

Quick Facts

  • A team of over 25 CNC programming engineers with an average experience of more than seven years
  • Proficiency in various tool path strategies like Z-level milling, isoparametric profile, multi-axis, sequential milling techniques, spring passes and complex contour profiles
  • Processor experience: FANUC, FAGER and Siemens