Assembly Engineering

We specialize at Cyient in various assembly process planning activities such as SOP development, work instructions and detailed process mapping. Apart from providing multi-plant support for numerous global locations, we help clients update their assembly processes to support initiatives for accurate production with minimal iterations. We also offer consulting services for assembly process verification and validation. As a part of assembly process planning and engineering, we perform:

  • Assembly process plan migration support
  • Discrepancy resolution (DR) support in assembly process plans
  • Validation and testing of assembly process planning tool enhancements
  • Process approval appointee (PAA) support for process validation and approval
  • Process failure mode analysis (PFMEA) support
  • Assembly simulations and digital mockups (DMU)
  • Process streamlining (3P/VSM) support for assembly process plans

How We Can Help

  • Developed in-house productivity tools for assembly process planning and verification
  • Extensive capability to conduct business process reengineering of assemblies

Quick Facts

  • Over 50 experts with an average experience of more than 10 years in assembly process planning and an average of over eight years’ experience in manufacturing engineering