ANDON Support

ANDON is the process control and communication system that enables operators to work without interruptions on the production line. We at Cyient help manufacturing companies run efficient processes through real-time status highlights of their lines. As part of ANDON support, we undertake:

  • Continuous monitoring of assembly-line process interruptions
  • Fault communication to respective departments
  • Coordination with support groups for issue resolution
  • Failure report generation for weekly and monthly analysis of top failure causes

How We Can Help

  • Developed in-house reusable macros to optimize the time required for ANDON event report generation
  • Real-time line monitoring support to reduce machine downtime
  • Reduced drag time due for maintenance and advanced creation of ANDON reports

Quick Facts

  • Reduction of 10% in repeated ANDONs with the help of maintenance database
  • Standards and certifications (COTS and in-house tools): virtual factory, net presenter, in-house macros, CITRIX server
  • Over 100,000 hours of ANDON manufacturing support