Modeling and Simulation Software

Modeling and simulation techniques are used during the design phase to validate the operating environment and avoid costly system fabrication. Simulation techniques provide a means to quickly build multiple system models. During the testing phase, models of actual products are scrutinized under various simulated operating conditions. Simulation results help us determine the ability of the product to work under predetermined conditions. Cyient’s modeling and simulation software solution encompasses developing mathematical models of physicalsystems, software systems that integrate with physical systems, and software that enables design for variability.

How We Can Help

  • Expertise in building simulation techniques to address clients’ specific engineering problems
  • Ability to address clients’ complex simulation requirements by leveraging our strong programming skills and competence in mathematics and simulation toolk

Quick Facts

  • Over 10 years of experience in developing simulation software for aero engines, oil and lube systems, and control systems
  • Worked with three power companies, each using different technologies – Clipper (wind power), PWPS (turbine Power) and UTC Power (fuel cells) in the area of control software development and verification for power generation companies
  • Tools used in the project: Matlab, Simulink, EASY 5, LabView, NetSim™, CitectHMI™ and NPSS