As populations increase and urban areas become increasingly denser, challenges faced by city planners and municipal operations grow exponentially, stressing resources.  Issues such as traffic congestion and road maintenance not only cause inconveniences, but also put demands on vehicle maintenance and can even lead to accidents.  Water, energy, and waste management systems have to continually look to advances in technology to address the growing pressure on their infrastructure, driving up costs and often causing service delays and outages. 

How is the power of data energizing utilities?


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Cities are increasingly looking to big data, networking, and analytics to improve the efficiencies of day-to-day city operations and planning.  Technology is helping identify the probability and mitigate risks from natural disasters. As cities become increasingly better equipped to communicate quickly to citizens and optimize emergency response actions, municipal and regional agencies can take advantage of infrastructure, data and network connectivity to develop digital solutions that truly improve lives, save costs, and protect the environment.

The Cyient Advantage

For 25 years, Cyient has built unmatched expertise and proven competencies in providing geospatial, communications, and IT services across utilities, telecommunications, and governance. Combining our domain knowledge in these industries with our digital technology and data science expertise, we have developed smart city solutions that use data from various city systems, IoT-enabled endpoints, and community and business partners to enable better planning, improve operations, and drive data-driven action that saves cost and improves quality of life. 

Building on these capabilities, Cyient, along with our partner ecosystem, can deliver smart, interoperable, and standards-compliant solutions for smart cities.

Discover how Cyient’s 3D smart city solution seamlessly combined spatial data with agency data to improve citizen services in the historical city of Warangal, India


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