CAD Customization and Knowledge-Based Engineering

CAD customization predominantly involves developing supporting tools for CAD software. The tools referred to as design automation software are used by our clients in their design and engineering offices to automate simple or complex design tasks. The tools enable real-time design of custom products, be it for parts or complete product, thereby accelerating the time to market for our clients. Our competency encompasses development of automation tools for mechanical as well as electronic and electrical designs. Although off-the-shelf automation tools are available, they require customization. Therefore, many of our clients have partnered with us to customize automation tools to suit their business requirements. We have extensive experience in developing automation tools equipped with model automation, parametric management, integration of iterative steps and design to analysis and back to design for multiple industries.

How We Can Help

  • Extensive experience in developing solutions for design, process, modeling, and drafting automation
  • Ability to provide client-specific customization solutions with a strong combination of industry domain and programming capabilities

Quick Facts

  • Supporting our clients with a wide range of programming technologies for customization, which includes programming languages such as C, C++, C#.NET, JAVA, wxWidgets, UFUNC APDL, VBA Tcl/ tk, Itk, Perl, etc. We also leverage APIs of UG/CATIA/ Ansys software while developing tools that run in the respective environments. For example, NX Open API (Ufunc, NX Open and Knowledge Fusion)
  • Skilled in PDMs like team center customizations, user exits, custom exits, etc.
  • Utilize Microsoft applications, APIs and Matlab programming
  • Highly experienced in developing solutions for design, process, modeling, and drafting automation