Electrical System Design

We at Cyient provide a comprehensive approach to solve challenges related to design and development of electrical systems by delivering economical, safe and reliable design solutions that meet client requirements. Our electrical design services include:
Calculations and network analysis; load list; single-line diagrams; electrical layouts; power distribution; equipment & component sizing; substation engineering; lighting, earthing, lightning & grounding calculation; voltage drop & cable sizing; cable schedule; cable tray layouts; system studies; relay coordination; detailed engineering.

How We Can Help

  • In-depth knowledge of standards, and best-in-class tools and technologies
  • Innovative system calculations that help achieve reliable and economic power supply

Quick Facts

  • Delivered over 500,000 hours of electrical solutions
  • Over 120 electrical and electromechanical product design engineers
  • In-depth understanding of global standards and regulations
  • Electrical engineering resources with experience across multiple industries