Inventory Management

We at Cyient provide inventory management support, acting as an integral part of a client’s supply chain management. We offer services such as inventory monitoring, fluctuation analysis, inventory cost reduction, production shortage forecasting, stock analysis and safety stock management. Our services include:

  • Inventory monitoring: Continuous monitoring of inventory levels to check the status against targets
  • Ownership of parts: Daily monitoring of stock levels, consumption rates, and releasing the PO to suppliers accordingly
  • Obsolescence management: Monitoring obsolete parts inventory, replacing them with new parts
  • Fluctuation analysis: Identifying key drivers that cause inventory fluctuation, initiating action
  • Inventory cost reduction: Identifying and removing slow or nonmoving spares from inventory to reduce the inventory holding cost. Reducing inventory carrying cost by reworking or scrapping old parts
  • Consignment inventory management: Managing inventory that is in possession of the end-customer
  • Production shortage forecasting: Comparing stock supply with production demand, predicting future shortages to expedite procurement activities
  • Stock analysis and safety stock management: Analyzing the demand for components, adjusting the safety stock to the optimum level

How We Can Help

  • High inventory accuracy and expertise in maintaining inventory under target value
  • Complete ownership of inventory management value chain

Quick Facts

  • Over 100,000 hours of inventory management support delivered; more than 3,500 parts managed in A, B, C categories
  • Cumulative $6+ million inventory reduction by streamlining inventory management activities
  • Logistical support for more than 1,000 parts shipped across the globe to various maintenance centers
  • COTS and in-house tools used such as SAP, MS Office, and macros developed in-house