Sustaining engineering is becoming an increasingly competitive advantage for medical device companies. With the industry under tremendous cost pressures, extending the life of existing products is a gaining focus as opposed to investing in newer equipment to meet market needs. A robust sustaining engineering strategy could increase product lifespan by multiple years. Moreover, it helps to ensure that the product addresses the market need, and is compliant and cost-effective. This is critical to protecting revenues and, in some cases, improving margins.

Cyient offers a market-driven execution model to sustaining engineering that maximizes benefits for our customers. We take complete ownership of sustaining engineering aspects for multiple product portfolios for our clients. By leveraging value engineering concepts for design, bringing commonality in Bill of Materials(BOM), using proprietary in-house tools and flawless process implementation we help our clients run successful sustenance engineering programs to derive utmost benefit from their mature product lines. Some of the key impact areas of these programs include:

  • Revenue protection and margin improvement
  • Quality, reliability, and performance optimization
  • Feature enhancement
  • Regulatory standards compliance

Our Sustaining Engineering Services

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  • Feature Enhancement
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  • Upgrade Existing Hardware or Firmware to New Technologies

  • Support in re-design
  • Reliability engineering
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  • Usability engineering

  • Update DHF and RMF documents in concurrence with existing design control procedures
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  • Environmental compliance (REACH, ROHS, and WEEE)

  • Reduce cost
  • Optimize features
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  • Product design
  • Product localization

  • Identify alternate parts to replace obsolete or non-compliant parts
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  • Bring commonality in BOM across the product portfolio

The Cyient Advantage

We have extensive experience in augmenting our customer’s internal team and delivering a tangible impact through sustenance engineering projects

  • Our team has 1 M+ hours of sustenance engineering experience, supporting a wide variety of complex projects
  • We offer innovative engagement models, including risk-sharing, to take complete ownership of mature products so that our customer’s talent can focus on innovation
  • In-depth expertise in handling proactive obsolescence management for different product portfolios, resulting in zero stoppages in production

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