Commercial equipment OEMs are embracing technologies such as robotics, location detection, advanced vehicle IT systems, automated fleet management, cloud-based data analytics, and autonomous vehicle technology, in a bid to keep up with their customers’ dynamic and evolving needs. And Cyient is your trusted partner in making this a reality.

Our end-to-end commercial equipment design services help you unlock the true potential of your on-highway equipment. The sub-system capabilities we have developed help drive productivity and produce value-based products. Moreover, our ready-to-deploy product design and development frameworks combined with our commercial equipment design analysis help optimize operations and reduce cost.

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  • Interiors
  • Powertrain, Axle and Suspensions
  • Engines and Peripherals
  • BIW
  • Operator Cabs
  • Body, Chasis and Structure
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  • Tires and Rims
  • Buckets and Attachments
  • ECU
  • CAN Communication System
  • ADAS and Telematics

  • Product Engineering
  • Component Benchmarking
  • Value Engineering
  • Mechanical Analysis
  • Electronics Console V&V
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  • Analytics
  • IoT
  • Augmented/Virtual Reality
  • Connected Equipment

  • Heavy Commercial Vehicles
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  • Light Commercial Vehicles

How can OEMs leverage the power of data combined with analytics to improve business performance?

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The Cyient Advantage

As a trusted partner in the heavy equipment and industrial industry segments, we have helped our customers achieve significant operational and financial benefits including:  


Product Engineering

Designed a long-reach and high-speed hydraulic-driven arm for loading a refuse truck and developed a cartridge circuit valve for load sensing through linear position transducers


Engineering Analysis

Benchmarked fuel pump by comparing and analyzing fuel systems. Additionally, conducted product analysis for external and internal features, material properties, and material testing through Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy and Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy


Value Engineering

Helped save $300 per suspension by designing a commercial equipment air suspension system to replace the existing combined suspension system


Engineering Design Optimization

Determined dynamic forces and moments in the gear train of the automatic transmission system through motion analysis while predicting gear train motion, forces, and moments through multi-body simulation

Product Engineering

Engineering Analysis

Value Engineering

Engineering Design Optimization

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