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Industry Challenges


In the ever-evolving landscape of geoscience, data management plays a pivotal role in driving innovation, exploration, and sustainable practices. As we navigate the vast terrain of geological information, we encounter many challenges that demand efficient solutions. From handling massive data volumes and complexities to ensuring seamless integration and interoperability, each hurdle presents unique opportunities for growth and advancement.


With more than a decade of experience in geoscience data management, Cyient is a preferred partner for organizing, securing, and standardizing geospatial data, ensuring accessibility and accuracy for efficient decision-making in exploration, mining, and environmental applications. Our expertise streamlines data processing, enhances data quality, and saves time and resources, empowering our customers to make informed decisions and optimize their geoscience endeavors.


Additionally, we provide customized product development and digital solutions designed to perfectly align with your unique business requirements.

Key Challenges

During our discussions with various customers, we have observed that they are contemplating improved geoscience data management for one of the following six reasons.


Stranded data on paper


Manual processing


Data Volume and Complexity


Data Quality and Accuracy


Cost and Resource Constraints


Legacy Systems and Data Migration

Why Cyient


12+ of experience in geoscience data management

Deep domain knowledge

Scalable team


Our Offering and approach

Our offerings for geoscience data management include a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to optimize data organization, enhance accessibility, and empower informed decision-making for successful exploration, mining, and environmental endeavors.

  • noun-metadata-2301682-1
    Metadata creation
  • noun-geotagging-1858411-1
    Geocoding (geotagging of reports) 
  • noun-data-extraction-4998581-1
    General data extraction/ compilation (surface & drilling data)
  • noun-data-capture-4456602
    Geophysical data capture
  • noun-statistics-5255199
  • noun-digital-nomad-map-4295842 (1)
    Digitization of geological maps 
  • noun-data-migration-5734204
    Data migration into new file formats
  • Consult Phase

    We start with understanding the business use cases the customer intends to leverage 
    • Metadata creation
    • Data extraction from maps, profiles, or tables (geochemical, geophysical, lithological, surface, downhole)
    • Georeferencing of maps
    • Vectorization of maps
    • Data migration (from old to new formats)
    • Geocoding of reports

  • Design Phase

    In the DESIGN phase, our experts focus on three key tasks:
    • Designing of geodatabases
    • Designing of workflows for our geoscientific work
    • Train OCR and AI models to recognize geoscientific data

  • Build Phase

    The BUILD phase entails pre- and post-processing tasks to create and refine the below to ensure a robust foundation for effective geoscience data management and analysis.
    •    Geodatabases
    •    Vector files
    •    Map products

  • Maintain Phase

    In the maintain phase of geoscience data management, we ensure the integrity and accessibility of geodatabases.
    • Geodatabases
    • Modern digital files
    • A record of old and new data; no information is lost in the translation process between old files and new digital data
    • Quantified uncertainty in mapped locations
    • Quantified uncertainty in extracted digital numbers (for example, from profiles)
    • Noted uncertainty in legibility, and any ambiguity, outliers, or duplicates in the data

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