"Monitoring mobile tower operations and active networks through automated systems offers network operators visibility into tower performance and can transform the way they operate—reducing operating expenses and improving efficiency. When an IoT-based approach is used for the process, sensors can be mounted anywhere from doors and energy meters to fuel tanks and fire alarms. These sensors collect and transmit real-time information to the monitoring teams, giving them a holistic view of their current operational conditions and alerting them to the corrective actions required.

Today tower management companies depend on service providers for information on passive network elements as the data currently flows into the NOC. Having standalone TOC monitoring would significantly simplify the cumbersome process of data flow from the NOC to tower management companies and thence to field operations. IoT-led tower operations propose to de- bottleneck the entire flow of information of passive network elements and route it directly to tower management companies, thereby significantly reducing the NOC workload. This will help CSPs focus on their core competency—managing active networks.

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