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    With meteoric growth in the number of connected devices, CSPs are faced with the challenge of handling a substantial spike in data. Robust and well-designed IoT gateways, with the capability to ingest data from various sources and support multiple use case scenarios, are the need of the hour. Moreover, to process data from a complex network of connected devices, IoT gateways need to have edge computing capabilities, and should integrate seamlessly with public and private cloud platforms.

    Cyient leverages its plan-build-operate-transform framework to offer comprehensive IoT solutions for horizontal use cases. Our multi-access IoT Edge Gateways connect analog and digital field sensors, and offer multiple RF options to ingest data and push it to the cloud. Based on a modular architecture, Cyient gateways can be seamlessly integrated with any server-side IoT platform. Further, we engage early with our clients and work right from the requirement gathering phase to jointly model the solution based on their needs. We also provide field and operational support during the solution life cycle.

    Discover how Cyient’s Tower Operations Center can enable telcos to remotely monitor passive tower assets in real-time, leveraging the power of IoT and analytics.


    Take a Look at Our Industry-Agnostic IoT Use Cases

    • Asset
    • Predictive and Condition-Based Health Monitoring
    • Connected and Intelligent Devices
    • Energy

    • Extend Asset Life
    • Optimize Repair and Replacement

    • Improve Operational and Cost Efficiencies
    • Reduce Human Intervention

    • Predict and Prevent Hardware Failures
    • Optimize Maintenance Routines
    • Strengthen Workplace Safety

    • Enhance Product Quality
    • Improve Customer Service

    • Lower Cost
    • Reduce Human Effort
    • Improve Productivity

    • Introduce Diagnostic and Predictive Analytics
    • Enhance Customer Experience

    • Optimize Energy Consumption
    • Reduce Outages
    • Improve Uptime
    • Real-Time Asset Monitoring

    • 24x7 Security
    • Automate Operations
    • Manage Processes Remotely
    Leverage IoT to drive meaningful insights
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