IC Development

Harness the expertise in Analog, RF, FinFET and Mixed-Signal IC Design

IC Development offeringof Cyient focuses on full IC development and porting of ICs for semiconductor companies, who have chip building expertise to take care of the rest of the process & activities involved.

Owing to the unique advantage of having 600+ reusable in-house IPs and TSMC Secure rooms enabling access to bleeding edge technologies including 3nm, our team are best positioned to realize your next cutting edge chip.

Redefining How ASICs are Transforming Industry Verticals

Semiconductor devices power every touchpoint of human lives. Cyient’s versatile expertise in semiconductor design, for more than 25+ years, helps those devices of the future to be applied in numerous applications.










Smart Home


Satellite Communications


Empowering medtech for the next generation

As the landscape of healthcare changes and the prevalence of medical devices surges, the need for smarter more efficient chips continues to grow. Our capabilities include

  • Medical imaging: Electronics for CT, Ultrasound, MRI, PET/PET-CT, Analog X-Ray, Digital X-Ray
  • Diagnostics: Electronics for ExG, Mass diagnostics, Bioluminescence Imaging (BLI) technology
  • Patient monitoring: Electronics for professional care diagnostics equipment, Multiparameter patient monitors, Nurse call buttons, Alarms
  • Personal health and wellness monitor: Electronic blood glucose meters, Blood pressure monitors, Electronic cholesterol monitors, Heart monitors & pedometers, Hearing aids, Implantable devices.


Delivering value across diverse use cases

Cyient helps facilitate the demands of industries across production units to ensure smooth and efficient functioning in a connected world.

  • Lighting, Building automation and HVAC: Fire detection, CCTV/Video Surveillance Cameras, Intruder alarm, Electronic utility metering, Thermostats & Controls
  • Test equipment: Automated test equipment for semiconductors, Digital multimeters, Network analyzers, Digital oscilloscopes
  • Electronic point of sale: ATM, Handheld EFT transaction terminals, vending machines
  • Factory automation & control: Flow, level, pressure and temperature measurement
  • Motor drives: AC variable speed drives, DC drives, Servo drives, Stepper drives, Soft starters/brakes
  • Power & energy: AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, DC/AC power inverters, Industrial battery chargers, UPS, Generators, Renewable energy (Hydro/Solar/Wind)


For the software defined vehicle of tomorrow

With automobiles increasingly becoming software defined, the relevance of smart and intelligent chips has seen an unprecedented rise. Cyient has great track record of delivering multiple automotive products and offers a wide range of capabilities including:

  • SENT interface
  • Powerline communication
  • Ethernet communication
  • ADAS
  • Body electronics: climate control, remote keyless entry, lighting, ECU
  • Chassis: ABS,  stability control,  Tire Pressure Monitoring, Steer/Break by Wire
  • EV/HV: Electric drive controller, Battery Management, Inverters
  • Infotainment: audio head units, Navigation systems, rear seat entertainment
  • Powertrain: Engine Control Module, transmission Control Module
  • Instrumentation: Instrument cluster, head up display
  • Safety Systems: Airbag control, airbag crash sensors, event data recorder


Creating smart, connected personal devices

With mobile devices and consumer technology becoming central to our needs and requirements, Cyient helps accelerate the development of these products with advanced chip capabilities:

  • RFID
  • 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 3.5G, and 4G cellular technologies
  • WLAN, Bluetooth, GPS, mobile TV, NFC, broadcast radio, ZigBee, and UWB
  • SERDES, Ethernet LAN switch infrastructure, cellular/RAN infrastructure
  • Broadband access solutions, ATM, SONET/SDH access
  • Cable modems, CPE devices, HomePNA, G.Hn, Moca
  • PCI-Express, XAUi
  • MEMS interfaces for Smartphones

Smart Home

To build the next-gen intelligent household

The home of the future is smart, connected and intelligent. It is also powered by a diverse range of expertise in semiconductors, powered by Cyient.

  • Intelligent meters for water, gas and electricity
  • G3 & Prime Power Line Communication
  • ISM smallband wireless communication
  • Domotics

Satellite Communications

ASICs for low data transfer rate

Cyient strengthens satellite communication with chip capabilities that enable data transfer and global connectivity from the space above us

  • Small size tags for communication with low orbit satellites
  • Fully integrated RF radio/modem solutions for 400MHz applications
  • Wildlife tracking solution certified for the Argos satellite system
  • COSPAS-SARSAT beacons

Harness Our Robust IP Library

Next to a pool of 600+ circuit building blocks, across a variety of technologies, Cyient also has Macro level IP.



  • SONET OC3/OC12
  • PCI-Express 2.5Gbps
  • PON 10Gbps
  • XAUI 3.125Gbps
  • SONET OC3/OC48


  • PLLs for high-speed data networking products
  • Low jitter PLL with ring oscillator 1.25 GHz, 9ps rms
  • Low jitter PLL, 10 GHz, 1ps rms
  • Low jitter PLL, 6.25 GHz, 1.5ps rms
  • Low jitter PLL, 2.5 GHz, 4ps rms


  • LVDS compliant I/O
  • SSTL18
  • SSTL25
  • HSTL
  • LVPECL compliant driver

Power Amplifiers

  • 18dBm@2.4GHz 64QAM
  • 24dBm class E @ 400MHz
  • 70MHz class AB for OFDM


  • 70MHz-230MHz FM RX with VCO @ 460MHz
  • Sub 1GHz ISM band with VCO @ 1.8GHz
  • 3GHz WiMAX transceiver with VCO @ 6GHz
  • 6GHz Broadband transceiver with VCO @ 12GHz



  • 10b 80 MSps, 10b 100MSps
  • 14b 200MSps
  • 12b 160MSPs


  • 8b 2GSps flash

Low Power cyclic RSD

  • 12b/14b/16b for 80kSps


  • 12b 2MSps
  • 10b 20MSps


Current steering

  • 12b 400MSps in 0.13μm
  • 14b 160Msps in 0.13μm
  • 10b 100Msps in 0.13μm
  • 6b 2Gsps in 65nm

Delta sigma

  • 10b 40Ksps in 0.35μm HV

Charge redistribution

  • 12b 2 MSps in 0.18μm

Partnerships that Define the Industry

Cyient partners with leading global semiconductor companies, who are the forerunners and torchbearers of the semiconductor technology. With these partnerships, Cyient is able to offer the best in class service required for your next cutting edge ASIC.

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