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The Energy Shift Accelerates

The tensions between decarbonising power grids and ensuring reliable and affordable power supply is leading governments and companies to carefully and quickly consider an expanding range of clean energy technologies. We have provided multi-discipline engineering services to leading industrial companies within the energy sector for more than 30 years.


Besides having a passion for delivering exceptional results and succeeding together with our customers, we want to make sure that our impact on the environment is positive. We strive for environmentally sustainable solutions such as modular design, optimised material use and optimised transportation to sites as well as digital solutions to our customers. Through value engineering we bring technically sustainable solutions to your projects.



The Future of Renewables

Decarbonisation can be achieved by increasing the use of low-carbon energy sources, in particular renewables and by reducing the use of fossil fuels. However, one challenge in efficient and effective renewable energy production is the ability to convert and store energy so that the excess power can be used when needed.  Power-to-X (P2X) is the process that can be used to convert, store and reconvert the energy into something else e.g. gas or synthetic fuel. Consequently this enables flexible use of surplus power when needed.​


Power to X can refer to the conversion of power to fuel, gas, chemicals, hydrogen, ammonia and other synthetic fuels derived from renewable energy.


LNG Market Keeps Expanding


The global LNG market is continuing to defy expectations and demonstrates growth. Current forecasts predict that the demand for gas will increase compared to oil and coal over the next 20 years as the world will increasingly move to low-emission energy.


Cyient has worked with LNG and gas processing since 2007. Our capabilities tie up with our in-house expertise in design of other onshore and floating facilities, gas processes and compression systems along with special competences, which reduce cost and increase efficiency of an entire project.

Core Competence Throughout The Lng Value Chain


Cyient has built a strong gas team capable to address complex technical challenges and provide services that cover the entire LNG value chain. Our solid global track-record of involvement in LNG projects around the world includes receiving and export LNG terminals, FLNG, FSRU, onshore and offshore storage facilities, LNG transhipment  and transmission solutions.


The sustainability of LNG and natural gas raises concerns, prompting a shift towards reducing reliance on them as part of our commitment to a more environmentally friendly future.

Our services for LNG terminals


  • Project management
  • Multi-discipline engineering covering all disciplines and project phases
  • Feasibility, concept and FEED studies
  • Process Design
  • Technical Safety
  • Civil services: Building, Structural and foundation design
  • Piping & Layout
  • Engineering of small scale storage and regasification units
  • Owner’s Engineer services


Bringing Versatility To Finnish Gas And Fuel Markets


" It is of utmost importance for us to have a partner that can quickly and flexibly provide the engineering resources we need. It was also valuable that we could get utilise the expertise of cyient Norway, since they have previous experience from LNG projects. "


Allan Lassila, senior project manager at Wärtsilä

Complete service package for your project


Cyient has worked with Hydrogen since 2018, and has obtained good experience in various land-based and marine applications.


Our 300 Oil & Gas and Electrofuels specialists, backed up by our 1200 colleagues at Cyient Group worldwide, are ready to help you in your project.


We work within all project phases (Feasibility, Concept, FEED, Detail) and can perform multi discipline engineering tasks as Process, Layout, Automation, Safety and Project Management.


Cyient is a member of Ocean Hyway Cluster, Norway’s leading network for maritime hydrogen, since 2021.

Our Experience


Studies for onshore

From electrolyser from clean electricity production, storage for seasonal variations and Fuel Cell to generate electricity. The project included Process, Safety, Layout and Automation.


Studies for bunkering of hydrogen

The project included Storage, Pressures, Velocities, Bunkering hoses and Automation.


Study for generating hydrogen from wind / solar to feed ammonia plant

Safety, Process, Layout


Study for a large scale Electrolyser Project

Process, Equipment selection and Layout

Complete service package for your ammonia project


Cyient has worked with Ammonia for some years now, and has obtained good experience in various projects.


We work within all project phases (Feasibility, Concept, FEED, Detail) and can perform multi discipline engineering tasks as Process, Layout, Automation, Safety and Project Management. We offer also Technical Documentation services for your projects.


Our Experience


Feasibility studies

Block / flow diagram, plot plan, safety as well as codes & standards.


Engine test cell project

Multi-discipline engineering in Process, Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, HVAC, Safety and Documentation disciplines for ammonia as liquid or gas fuel to the engine test cell.


Projects for Pulp & Paper plants

Re-designing the ammonia system of a pulp & paper mill in order to reduce safety hazards for the staff.


Projects for steel mills

Basic and detail engineering for vaporising station with pressure reduction, two phase media and risk analysis.


Projects for fertiliser plants

Basic and detail engineering for piping and layout, two phase media as well as blowdown calculations.

Cyient Has Strong Ability To Integrate Systems And Equipment Into Energy-efficient Processes With A Cost-efficient Layout In A Safe Plant Environment.


Carbon Capture and Storage

Carbon capture and storage is commonly regarded as a sensible means of reducing greenhouse gases. Cyient has been actively involved in carbon capture and storage since 2016.


Cyient is supporting the decarbonisation of industries such as waste to energy, from feasibility to FEED.

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