Embedded Software & Electronics

Embedded systems play a critical role in a dynamic environment driven by technology disruptions. Today, embedded devices are expected to perform complex tasks with greater efficiency, guaranteeing real-time behavior in both hard and soft real-time systems.

With more than 15 years of experience in delivering cost- effective and high -quality embedded electronics products, we cater to different market verticals such as aerospace and defense, transport, consumer electronics, medical, semiconductors and more. Our systematic approach to designing embedded software and electronics helps our customers accelerate time-to-market and ensure a superior quality product. A team of over 1000 embedded software and electronics engineers use their extensive experience in designing various classes of embedded software and systems to provide hardware engineering, application development, and embedded software and testing. Here are some projects executed by our team that have produced significant business impact for our clients:

  • Developed a Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) product to support two separate series of aircrafts with the safety criticality at Level A for airborne systems. We helped the customer reduce NRE/RE cost and enabled the system/product to qualify for Design Assurance Level A.
  • Designed and developed a modular control platform for an entire range of cold storage products. Our redesign approach allowed the customer to use 75% of the code while reducing PCB parts. This helped reduce the LRU cost development by 40%.
  • Developed and certified an entire USB device stack and HID class driver that enabled USB functionality in the client’s SOC.We validated the USB IP using an FPGA platform, developed the USB device stack, and integrated the USB device with a firmware base. In addition, we developed algorithms for real-time acquisitions of finger data and applied the algorithms for various gestures. This approach helped our customer outperform its competitors and gain significant market share.