Enhance your WAN Technology with Cyient’s SD-WAN Solution

The need to go beyond hybrid wide area network (WAN) and commoditize bandwidth is growing and pushing communication service providers to invest heavily in this technology. By expanding and enhancing the capabilities of the existing WANs, CSPs can utilize cloud technology to offer more reliable and secure network connectivity on public networks.

SD-WAN, Cyient’s software-defined networking solution, covers end-to-end migration for seamless transformation-from legacy WAN to real-time and software-controlled WAN. Our comprehensive, three-phased approach helps clients modernize their WAN by simplifying and optimizing the network and reducing cost. Our services offerings include:

SD-WAN Adoption Consulting

Streamlined implementation and integration with your existing network infrastructure. Our experts help prioritize and develop the migration path with minimal impact.

Network Consolidation and Virtualization

End-to-end design and deployment of the SD-WAN solution and system integration services. We ensure rapid implementation adhering to defined policies and SLAs.

Automation and Optimization

Monitoring and maintaining the SD-WAN implementation performance. We also offer optimized change and incident management services.

Cyient’s SD-WAN solutions offer you key benefits including:

Enhanced Flexibility
Our SD-WAN solution works with any WAN architecture and new application and enhances software-defined infrastructure without any disruption.

Optimized Bandwidth Usage
The Cyient solution utilizes any underlying transport including MPLS, 4G/LTE, Internet, broadband, or wireless to efficiently use bandwidth usage.

Automated Processes
Allows CSPs to provide their end customers with capabilities to automate processes including the provisioning, configuring, and managing network services.

Enhanced Wireless Support
Improves support for the wireless technology, such as the Internet of Things, through faster, policy-based provisioning of WAN services to support device connectivity.

Cloud Orchestration
Supports a secure and redundant cloud network that provides a direct path to cloud-based applications.

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