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At Cyient, we embrace the future of energy transition by navigating the intricate challenges of being viable, predictable, and sustainable. With three decades of expertise in the energy industry, we partner with our customers to deliver Turbo-machinery products and power plants with reduced carbon footprint, enhanced reliability, and improved operational efficiency.


Key highlights

Product Engineering

Project and Plant Engineering

Energy Transition


After-market Services

Product Engineering

End-to-end life cycle support to address next-generation product and market needs for next-generation turbo-machinery



2Mn+ Hours of turbomachinery product engineering / year
1500+ Product Design Engineers for Turbomachinery
300+ PLM & Digital twin experts
30+ Large turbo-machinery programs supported
50+ Hyper-automation tools
70+ Patents

Project and Plant Engineering

A flexible partner across the project engineering lifecycle focusing on meeting Quality and OTD for Safety, Cost & On-time Delivery



~40 Yrs. years of combined experience together with Citec
3.5 Mn+ Hours of plant engineering / year
1800+ Multi-disciplinary plant design engineers
1500+ Power plants & large projects supported
50+ Hyper-automation tools

Energy Transition

Applying engineering fundamentals to energy transition technology development for decarbonization, transport and storage of electricity, and reducing GHG



~8+ Years of focus in CCS & Alternate Fuels
30+ Energy Transition engineers
50+ Major projects in Energy transition
20+ Customers supported for CCS & Alternate fuels


Transforming ER&D by Delivering Digital Engineering @ Scale, blending product expertise with IT-OT modernization, security, and user experience to co-design products with customers to keep powering product innovation.

Digitalization (1)


1500+ Engineers for Digital Engineering & Technology

50+ PLM Projects with 10+ end-to-end implementations.

30+ Digital accelerators and technology solutions

350+ Customer base

After-market Services

Implementing reliability-centered maintenance practices to enhance services profitability for delivering technology-led reliability, and maintenance.



1+ Mn Hours of data transformation / year
600+ Operations & Maintenance Engineers
15% Asset availability improvement
30+ Tools for data transformation, verification & validation
50+% Reduction in data validation time through automation




Advanced trends in turbomachinery design and analysis

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Cyient Empowers The City of Oslo in Its Decarbonization Journey

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Increase productivity and reduce costs with our smart asset management offerings

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