Development Phase has started!! 

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As we wrap up the ideation phase and embark on the development phase, we cannot help but feel the buzz of innovation in the air. The CyientifIQ Innovation League - Global Hackathon has brought together brilliant minds from various fields, all united by a common purpose: to tackle the most pressing issues of our time.  


 To learn more about the event, please visit the site- HackerEarth

The teams are addressing three core themes: 


Designing Digital Enterprises

In a world where businesses are constantly evolving, this theme challenges participants to envision future digital enterprises. How can technology redefine how we work, communicate, and conduct business? 


Building Intelligent Products and Platforms

Innovation knows no bounds in this theme. We're on a mission to create intelligent products and platforms that push the boundaries of what's possible. What cutting-edge solutions can be designed to make everyday life smarter, more efficient, and more enjoyable? 


Solving Sustainability Challenges

Our commitment to a better future doesn't stop at technology. Sustainability is at the forefront of our mission. Join us in the quest to address the most critical sustainability challenges of our time. How can we harness technology to protect and preserve our planet? 

Anticipation builds as teams delve into coding, creativity, and unprecedented collaboration. The grand prize winner will take home an impressive $10,000 in cash!!! 
Real magic happens when technology and creativity converge, and together, we'll shape a better future for all.   

Stay tuned to witness the incredible solutions emerging during this Hackathon, WINNERS announced on December 7th.