“As a trusted partner, Cyient have always taken the time to fully understand our business needs. Their attention to quality and maintaining high levels of performance during complex change have always been professional attributes we have most valued with Cyient.” Leading CSP – Asia Pacific

With the metamorphosis of a conventional voice telephone system into a sophisticated and an elaborate one, the need of the hour was a software component that would ease the monitoring, controlling, analyzing, and managing services of the network. A new generation of OSSs was developed to deal with the complexities of the enterprise data management using state-of-the-art information technology. A robust OSS infrastructure helps maintain transparency of the network infrastructure.

Fault and Performance Management

To deliver uninterrupted business services, CSPs need to be vigilant about the functioning of the system. It is an absolute necessity to filter out the noise and focus on the most important aspects to maintain one’s reputation and to create customer delight.

We create an out-of-the-box & unified Enterprise management systems to track network alarms and problems, thus unifying the network into one system. Creation of workflow management allows automation of tasks and notifications so as to have real-time network conditions to match business processes.

Cyient services include:

  • Network consolidation & monitoring of entire network into one system, improving the efficiency of the NOC
  • Scalability – React in real-time to the changing network requirements and conditions to maintain and improve network performance
  • Automation and Integration of Systems – Improved network performance and customer experience.

Dashboard and Smartview Development, Integration

Our Cyient SmartView is an enterprise-wide dashboard solution architecture for ITSM/A, which transforms complex, multivendor environments into single-pane simplicity. It incorporates several platforms to create actionable dashboards for the operations and business functions. A proven solution architecture for large-scale environments, SmartView, is being used at one of the largest global beverage companies, and one of the world’s biggest cities—New York.

SmartView provides the capabilities and functionalities to deduce information from staggering amounts of real-time data. It enables a dashboard visualization format to present and customize relevant information to fit the roles and responsibilities of individuals. By leveraging the architecture, CSPs can design and integrate an entire ITSM/A solution into dashboard visibility and control. The key features it supports include navigation between products in a single pane of glass, trouble ticket integration, event notification, advanced correlation, and general reporting.

We provide a single stop, end-to-end resource that helps you plan, build and run ITSM/A dashboards effectively. With our extensive experience and technical expertise, we enable you to make optimum use of our transformational dashboard solution architecture.

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Managed Services (M&S; AMC)

The dynamic business environment makes it challenging to keep the service management/ assurance solution in sync with business needs using solely internal staff. The challenge encompasses stretched workloads, lack of specialized skills, and the impact on TCO, ROI, and SLA performance

Cyient Application Management Services (AMS) provides resources for keeping your service management/assurance solution aligned with changing business needs, exceeding customer performance expectations, and reducing TCO 30% – 40%.

The Cyient Difference

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