Aero Design Led Manufacturing

Design Led Manufacturing for Aerospace Transformation

Technology has permeated industry solution portfolios to help fulfill needs and address problems across the Aerospace and Defense (A&D) value chain. This is being seen from avionics through to global offsets. Design Led Manufacturing (DLM) with technology as the enabler is transforming the value proposition from discrete service offerings, through to build systems, and integration services within systems. With the ability to build, test and maintain, DLM will augment design delivery and transform the product lifecycle.

Cyient’s DLM capabilities further enhances our position as a partner for defense offset requirements and the “Make in India” drive—but also for global requirements of product optimizations. These include redesign for cost reduction, functionality enhancement or obsolescence reasons; providing a differentiated value proposition to the aerospace and defense segment in the areas of avionics, mechanical systems and aftermarket solutions (MRO).

Our DLM solutions for A&D include:

Solutions Areas of expertise
Value Engineering
  • Reengineering/Licensing opportunities: for legacy LRUs where OEMs achieve a cost reduction through redesign, better sourcing and lower cost manufacturing.
  • Product optimization: As a practice, at Cyient we challenge ourselves to improve performance and optimize cost for any product manufacturing requirement we receive. This could be achieved by exploring alternate manufacturing processes, material alternatives… etc.
  • Product enhancements: Existing products can be enhanced with features as well as any data analytics modules for further intelligence, e.g. for predictive maintenance and/or prognostics purposes.
  • Obsolescence management: Cyient follows a three step approach to this as part of the design led manufacturing process. We first screen for obsolescence via tool-based analysis and manual verification (Phase One), then identify potential alternative (form fit function cross referenced) components (Phase Two), followed by a redesign based on respective impact analysis, when required and feasible (Phase Three).
Modular Avionics
  • System modernization programs taken up by OEMs to incorporate modular avionics architecture for cost and weight reduction.
Test Engineering and Test Facility
  • Build and operate test facility to support the development phase and as part of MRO.
  • Condition Based Maintenance of Assets with predictive maintenance.
Emerging Markets & Offset Access
  • Localization support: Cyient can use its unique position of having the knowledge of design engineering and at the same time, being the manufacturer of the part. This would help Cyient to partner locally with other suppliers as required; as well as to provide the maintenance support as necessary at lower costs.
  • NPD partnership for new business: Supporting the development and introduction of products for the Indian market through models such as risk allocation models.

In today’s global environment—technology refresh, spiraling costs and time to market have been the defining factors for product realization. As such, a strategic partnership for the complete solution has never been more compelling. Cyient with its unique value proposition as an integrated design-test-prototype to manufacturing company, offering expertise in co-developing solutions customized to the A&D industry. As part of our design-to-manufacturing programs we provide solutions that simultaneously reduce costs as well as time to market.