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ASICs solutions for long term success with 25+ years of hands-on expertise in silicon design (chip design), our IC Consulting offering focuses on selective Semiconductor design services, staff augmentations, off-shore developments, and centers of excellence.

Driving Digital Transformation of Tomorrow

The growth of devices has created a surge in the demand for chips that offer ultra-low power consumption, compact form factors, and seamless integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities. Their performance and reliability emerge as critical parameters for semiconductor and system manufacturing companies. To meet the expectations of consumers and keep up with the relentless pace of innovation, companies must relentlessly push the boundaries of what's technologically possible.

Cyient brings together decades of expertise in addressing complex challenges and delivering comprehensive, pioneering ASIC solutions that incorporate state-of-the-art technology, for long-term success. Our ability in delivering end-to-end solutions helps businesses successfully navigate digital transformation at the convergence of software and hardware.

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Services Shaped by Industry Leading Expertise

Cyient engages as a partner, creating end-to-end solutions that offer the roadmap to long term success. With over 25+ years of practical experience in silicon design, development, industrialization, manufacturing, and supply chain management, we offer expert consulting services. Solutions focusing on selective semiconductor services, staff augmentations, off-shore developments, and center of excellence.

Delivering ASIC Expertise Across Industries


Empowering medtech for the next generation


Delivering value across diverse use cases


For the software defined vehicle of tomorrow


Creating smart, connected personal devices

Smart Home

To build the next-gen intelligent household

Satellite Communications

ASICs for low data transfer rate

Our Design Methodology Steers the Future of Innovation

Cyient integrates proprietary EDA sizing tools and automation scripts, enabling efficient circuit design via formal transistor sizing in Matlab. All design steps link with Matlab and Python scripts. Comprehensive simulations at transistor and behavioral levels, backed by regression testing, ensure 100% simulation coverage, securing Cyient's first-time functional success. Additional Monte Carlo, circuit startup, EMC/EMI simulations, and digital testing support 0ppm automotive IC reliability. And we have the best in class QMS in place to enable our offering in the best quality to our customers.

Both Cadence & Synopsys flow available– Virtuoso for schematic entry and layout

Spectre(RF) and Eldo(RF) and APS for analog, digital and mixed-signal simulations

Cadence and Mentor based digital tools for simulation, synthesis, logic equivalence checking, timing closure, STA, formal verification, place-and-route and ATPG test pattern generation

Mentor Calibre for physical Verification (DRC/LVS) and parasitic extraction (xRC) and Analog FastSpice™ (AFS)

VerilogA and VHDL AMS for analog behavioural modelling

Cliosoft for version control

Matlab (including custom toolboxes) and Simulink for concept definitions and system design

Matlab and Python script-based control of the complete flow

And Many More . . .

Use Cases in Action

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Aircraft vision system Analog Front End

Go to market with exceptional products leveraging our design, development, and systems engineering expertise.

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10 bit 100MSps pipeline ADC for video and SDR

Go to market with exceptional products leveraging our design, development, and systems engineering expertise.


High Voltage MEMS array

Go to market with exceptional products leveraging our design, development, and systems engineering expertise.

Tap Into the Potential of Global Capabilities in Semiconductor Services and Solutions

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Partnerships the Define the Industry

Cyient partners with leading global semiconductor companies, who are the forerunners and torchbearers of the semiconductor technology. With these partnerships, Cyient is able to offer the best in class service required for your next cutting edge ASIC.

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