Cyient’s dedicated investments in developing innovation hubs and CoEs to strengthen capabilities in areas such as IoT and cloud platforms, data engineering and analytics, GIS system integration, APIs and engineering integration, and UI/UX development are cited as the foundation for this recognition.

Cyient has emerged as a Major Contender in Digital Product Engineering Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022. The company has positioned itself as a credible provider in this market by offering solutions in domains such as IoT, UI/UX design, and embedded systems. The company has made significant investments in technology studios, covering themes such as data engineering, cloud, design studio, and data & analytics. These studios help clients accelerate time-to-market, maximize adoption, and elevate experience for their customers. Additionally, the acquisition of Ansem and IG Partners have helped the company bolster its capabilities in ASIC design and IoT.

Akshat Vaid
Akshat Vaid Vice President at Everest Group.

“Cyient has been and will continue to invest heavily in marrying Semiconductor, Embedded Software, Hardware, and Digital capabilities to help our customers exceed their business objectives through our CyientifIQ and IntelliCyient solutions suite. This recognition from Everest demonstrates that we are indeed adding value with innovative and disruptive solutions in the digital product engineering space.”

Pierre Carpentier, Global Head of Digital Technologies, Solutions, and Partnerships.

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