Radio Network Engineering

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Radio Network Engineering

Proliferation of high bandwidth-low latency wireless networks is bringing a transformational change in the lives of people globally. Rolling out 5G networks with speed and with compliance to the regulatory norms demands special expertise.

Cyient provides planning, commissioning, and benchmarking services of wireless networks by leveraging analytical tools to create expansive geolocation network coverage maps.

Our Radio Network Engineering services ensure:

Shorter Planning and Design

Built-in geospatial intelligence and automated recurring tasks across planning and design stages

Maximum Utilization of existing infrastructure

Existing infrastructure located through GIS tools and utilized for 33% of new sites

Faster small Cell Commissioning

Cell site provisioning time reduced from weeks/days to hours

Success Stories

5G Engineering in Australia

5G Engineering in Australia

Enabled 5G access to 20% of Australia’s population through our “‘maximum coverage with minimal infrastructure”’ network design principle.

Wireless Network Engineering in Europe

Wireless Network Engineering in Europe

Enabled upgradation of a Dutch mobile service provider’s network by providing wireless engineering services through our infrastructure contractor client.



Telecoms to Prepare for 5G Technology Takeover

Telecoms to Prepare for 5G Technology Takeover Btn_Cyi_Tel_Sec05_Next_In01-1 arrow icon
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Enabling a Big Vision for 5G with Small Cells

Enabling a Big Vision for 5G with Small Cells Btn_Cyi_Tel_Sec05_Next_In01-1 arrow icon

Roadmap to 5G

Roadmap to 5G Btn_Cyi_Tel_Sec05_Next_In01-1 arrow icon

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