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The need to build air cabin interiors that are spacious, lightweight, efficient, and comfortable is forcing manufacturers to refocus on design and space optimization. Cyient supports the aero interiors industry in designing and developing aircraft cabin structures including seating, galleys, cabin avionics, electrical schematics, aircraft monuments, and in-flight entertainment (IFE). We deliver aesthetic and light-weight interior designs for commercial and business jets with full design, build, and maintain ownership to extend product life expectancy.

Full Design Ownership

Full design ownership with expert analysis to extend product life expectancy

Extensive Experience

Experience in offering cost, weight, and part count optimization

Manufacturing Transition

Manufacturing transitioning through local supplier partnerships

Enabling Aesthetics

Enabling aesthetic and light-weight interior designs for commercial and business jets

Aircraft Cabin Interiors

Design Engineering for Cabin Interiors

Learn how we helped improve capacity and processes for an industry-leading aero interiors OEM.

The Cyient Advantage

Cyient engages in risk-sharing partnerships and IP co-development to allow our customers to sustain a competitive advantage. Extending the engineering abilities of our clients, we help them design efficient air cabin monuments, seat assemblies, crew rest compartments, lighting solutions, IFE, and intuitive graphical user interfaces for cabin and cargo management. We also enable the deployment of aircraft connectivity solutions with Wi-Fi access and USB ports. Our aero interior solutions are driven by tailored integration of composite design, stress, tubing design, electrical schematic, and harness routing expertise.

Onsite and offshore, Cyient helps clients reduce time-to-market and leverage the best of air cabin engineering technologies to meet the exacting demands of the travel industry. By providing support for mechanical and user-interface design, we drive product efficiencies and higher cost savings for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.

Cyient's Aero Interior Services

Aerospace Interior Design

Cost-Effective Solutions

Discover how you can leverage our state-of-the-art design engineering solutions for various cabin interior components and systems.

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