Biomimicry, winglets, laminar flow, and longer wing spans are all vital in delivering lower fuel consumption, lower operating costs, longer flights, and higher maximum takeoff weight. Over the years, composites and additive manufacturing techniques have changed global airframe design and aftermarket requirements. Demands for production rate improvements, REACH compliance requirements, and non-conformities are affecting the airframe structural design and build processes.

Cyient combines customer-specific design processes with extensive metallic and aerospace composites knowledge, value engineering techniques, and design automation expertise to create cost-effective aerostructures. We offer innovative wing and aircraft fuselage design and sub-assembly solutions—from preliminary design and weight optimization to certification. Whether it’s fuselage, wings, or flight control surfaces, we support OEMs and aircraft manufacturers with a portfolio of capabilities that optimize their work and support continual progress in this field.

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Looking for high-value aerostructure solutions?

Lowering fuel consumption and operating costs while helping customers manufacture lightweight aircraft capable of navigating longer distances.

Our Aerostructures Capability


Aftermarket Value Streams

Delivering aftermarket value streams such as structural repair engineering, technical publications, reliability engineering, and retrofit engineering, including passenger-to-cargo conversion.


Design, Analysis, Manufacturing, and Testing

Design, analysis, manufacturing, and testing knowledge acquired by collaborating with global OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.



Innovative solutions for manufacturing non-conformances, stress justifications, and design office dispositions after signatory approvals.


AS9100C and CEMILAC Certifications

Cyient has AS9100C and CEMILAC certifications for our airframe structures and aircraft assembly tool design and engineering.

Aftermarket Value Streams

Design, Analysis, Manufacturing, and Testing


AS9100C and CEMILAC Certifications

Aircraft Design View

Learn how to use our simulation approach for aircraft structure certification

Reducing costs associated with redundant testing by implementing simulation for internal and external structural analysis.

Solutions and Expertise

Design, analysis, and tooling for composite fuselage skin panels, wing panels, and interior structures, like composite tie rods.

Development of automated solutions for repetitive engineering tasks.

Design, build, test, and certification per FAA-PMA regulations.

Performing conceptual design through manufacturing, liaisons, qualification, testing, certifications, maintenance, and aftermarket services.

Performing data conversion for structures, systems, and composites from Catia V4 to V5, Mylar to V5 MBD / Mylar to UG NX.

Performing Fit, Form & Function Analysis using manual methods or applications, like 3DCS.

The Cyient Advantage

With over 15 years of experience supporting customers in aerostructures, we are a trusted, risk-sharing partner for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, helping them accelerate time-to-market.  Our team provides end-to-end engineering services for airframe structures through conceptual design, program management, preliminary design, stress analysis, and report delivery for certification with authorities.

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