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Building the future of connected mobility

The automotive landscape is rapidly evolving with key trends like software-defined vehicles (SDV), electric vehicles (EV), autonomous driving, and connected cars, driven by generative AI, cloud technology, digital engineering, and sustainability.

At Cyient, we are leading the charge towards a sustainable and connected future. We are reshaping traditional automobiles into smart, software-defined vehicles that, offer enhanced safety, efficiency, and user experiences. Our expertise in perception systems in ADAS and telematics empowers the off-highway with real-time equipment monitoring and control with the help of 5G, Cloud-enabled monitoring and analytics solutions, optimizing operations and productivity. The influence of SDVs is expanding, ushering in a new era of intelligent mobility.

Cyient goes beyond transportation, enabling intelligent, sustainable, and connected mobility solutions.

Solutions that power the future of the automotive industry

With over three decades of expertise, Cyient brings the latest technologies to automotive OEMs and Tier-1s, creating a robust ecosystem that powers autonomous, connected cars and electric vehicles.

Software Defined Vehicles (SDV)

Connected Cars

Electric Vehicles

Intelligent Transport

Transforming the driving experience through SDV and cloud-based microservices, virtual machines enabling over-the-air updates and seamless connectivity.


Enhancing user experience through a diverse range of applications tailored for convenience, entertainment, and productivity.

Over the Air (OTA)

Ensuring vehicles stay up to date with the latest software enhancements, bug fixes, and feature upgrades, delivering continuous improvements and optimization.

Safety features

Delivering advanced technologies in accordance with functional safety development processes, ISO: 26262 certified and system protection against cybersecurity threats in accordance with WP.

AUTOSAR and MBSE Integration

Efficiently incorporating AUTOSAR (Automotive Open System Architecture) and adopting a Model-Based Design (MBD) approach to streamline the development and deployment of software components in SDVs.

Autonomous Vehicles - ADAS

Leveraging cloud-based infrastructure and digital connectivity to enable advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in autonomous vehicles, enhancing safety and efficiency on the road.

Digital Cockpit

Revolutionizing the in-vehicle infotainment experience with an intelligent and connected system that seamlessly integrates entertainment, communication, and navigation features for an immersive driving experience.

BMS (Battery Management System)

Ensuring optimal performance and longevity of electric vehicle batteries through advanced monitoring, control, and protection systems.

Charger and Battery ecosystem

Establishing comprehensive and efficient infrastructure to support the charging and battery needs of electric vehicles, for mass adoption and accessibility.

Motor inverter and controller

For BEV and Hybrid vehicle e-axle, motor controllers are differentiators offering efficiency and performance.

A Reliable Partner In Your Journey Towards Transforming Software Defined Vehicles

Cyient’s worldwide footprint and proficient automotive capabilities enables us to keep pace of every demand of our partners, designing tomorrow together with software autonomy and independence.

  • Product Design Services
  • FPGA/ASIC Design Services
  • Software Design Services
  • Vehicle Engineering
  • PLM Implementation, Migration and Maintenance Services
  • UI/UX Design Services

Product Design Services

Asset 23
  • ECUs – Digital cockpit

    ECUs – Digital cockpit

  • Adas


  • IOT gateways

    IOT gateways

  • Data acquisition IO boards

    Data acquisition I/O boards

  • AC-DCDC-DC converters

    AC-DC/DC-DC converters

  • Motor controllers

    Motor controllers

FPGA/ASIC Design Services

  • Electronics & Power Electronics Systems Design

    Electronics & Power Electronics Systems Design

  • ASIC Design

    ASIC Design

  • Test Engineering & Qualification

    Test Engineering & Qualification

  • V&V Services

    V&V Services

Software Design Services

  • Board Support Package

    Board Support Package

  • Device Drivers for peripherals-new

    Device Drivers for peripherals

  • Classic AUTOSARAdaptive AUTOSAR

    Classic AUTOSAR/Adaptive AUTOSAR

  • Proprietary architecture-based middleware and application development

    Proprietary architecture-based middleware and application development

  • Test and diagnostic software

    Test and diagnostic software

  • Wired and wireless communication protocols

    Wired and wireless communication protocols

  • Model based software design

    Model based software design

  • MIL, SIL, HIL testing

    MIL, SIL, HIL testing

Vehicle Engineering

  • Design & Drafting-new

    Vehicle Integration Components and System design

  • Analysis & Simulations

    Mechanical Design

  • Manufacturing Engineering & Testing

    Electrical Design

  • Aftermarket Solutions

    Analysis and Simulation Manufacturing Engineering

  • Value Engineering 1

    VAVE & Benchmarking Technical Publications

PLM Implementation, Migration and Maintenance Services

  • PLM Consulting

    PLM Consulting

  • Implementation and Maintenance

    Implementation and Maintenance

  • Model Based System Engineering

    Model Based System Engineering

  • CAD Automation

    CAD Automation

  • CAX Integration

    CAX Integration

  • Digital Thread

    Digital Thread

UI/UX Design Services

  • Adas

    QT/QML based

  • Adas


  • Development- environment setup

    Development- environment setup, integration

  • Testing, QA, and launch

    Testing, QA, and launch

  • Software, UI version updates

    Software, UI version updates

  • On-going application management

    On-going application management and support


Consulting. Testing. Implementation.

Our consulting services cover the entire lifecycle of software-defined vehicles, guiding clients from design to testing. We help define the optimal software architecture, considering connectivity, user experience, and integration. Our expertise in manufacturing and Industry 4.0 transformation allows automotive OEMs to harness the potential of IT/OT integration, cybersecurity, and digital twins to accelerate their manufacturing process.

Our implementation specialists develop robust software frameworks, while rigorous testing ensures reliability and safety. With industry best practices and innovative thinking, we deliver future-proof software-defined vehicles.


Enterprise grade security

We place cybersecurity at the forefront for automotive and software-defined vehicles. Our expertise helps protect against threats and vulnerabilities, securing the entire software stack. We conduct risk assessments, implement robust security measures, and monitor for incidents. With advanced technologies, we ensure data integrity, privacy, and occupant safety.


Industry certifications and regulatory compliances ensure we adhere to the highest standards of development

  • Regulations (ISO 26262)
  • Certificates (ASPICE)
  • E-sync Alliance for OTA & SDV
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Awards & Recognitions

Partner Level Status & Achieving Excellence from John Deere

Leaders in ER&D Zinnov Zones

Enrico Apex Award, conferred by BGSW

Case Studies


Perception System for Automated Driving & Operation

Enabled safe and reliable operation of an off-highway vehicle by developing a perception system that leverages advanced sensor fusion algorithms and machine learning capabilities for target detection and autonomous operations. The system's modular design makes it easily adaptable to different vehicle platforms and applications, providing flexibility and scalability for automotive Tier 1s and OEMs


Designing Digital Cockpit for Vehicle Performance, Safety, and Comfort

Designed scalable and secure software architecture for a European Tier-1 by leveraging advanced analytics and AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities to enable real-time monitoring of vehicle performance, safety, and comfort. The architecture can run multiple OS and applications to combine distributed functionalities of IVI, Instrument Cluster and Connectivity on single hardware


Real-time Asset monitoring and response

Cloud and edge computing platform which enables the customer to Real-time visibility via Web/mobile of assets and IoT sources. Apply machine learning analytics locally and in the cloud. Real-time asset telemetry



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