Alain de taeye

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Alian De Taeye- Non Executive Director
Alain De Taeye
Non-Executive Director

Alain De Taeye graduated as an Engineer Architect from the University of Ghent, Belgium. After doing operations research work at the Business School of Ghent University, he founded Informatics & Management Consultants (I&M), specializing in digital map databases and routing. I&M was later integrated into the Dutch Tele Atlas group, and in 1990 Alain became the head of the Tele Atlas group. In 1993, he created the European Digital Roadmap Association, consisting of Etak, Tele Atlas, and Robert Bosch GmbH (among others). In 2008, TomTom International acquired Tele Atlas, and Alain was appointed to the Management Board.

He serves as a Supervisory Board Member of Telematics Cluster/ITS Belgium and of the Belgium/Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He has served as Director, Nemerix SA, since March 2006.

Alain holds a university degree in civil engineering and architecture from the State University of Ghent, Belgium, and the Business School of Antwerp. He lectures on operations research, innovation, and IT strategy at the Business School of Antwerp.

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