Network Planning & Design: Wireline Engineering

Our wireline engineering services comprise a cohesive network rollout (copper, fiber and hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC)) strategy that optimizes planning, building, operating and maintenance processes. This enables organizations to effectively meet business, regulatory, competitive and time pressures associated with the provision of new services. We have designed to deploy copper, fiber and HFC in Greenfield and Brownfield environments. Our services enable CSPs (communication service providers) to gain market share by supplying new services using the right access technology (e.g., Gigabit enabled Passive Optical Network, EPON or P2P) and FTTx architecture (e.g. FTTh/p/b/c/n).

Our seven-step FTTx deployment process spans the plan-to-build cycle and provides an end-to-end solution ranging from market analysis to work order recording and maintenance. It encompasses market analysis, network planning, cost analysis, plan and cost approval, network design, field implementation and work order recording services.

How We Can Help

  • In-house, proprietary suite of tools, called InFiPlan, supports fiber planning and design, using simple, robust engineering platforms such as GE Smallworld, SpatialNET, Ericsson NE, MapInfo, Microstation, and AutoCAD for network design
  • As a technology-agnostic organization, worked on CSPs’ existing IT infrastructure as well as their tools through an offshore delivery model
  • In-house tools based on AutoCAD/Bentley Microstation technology help drastically reduce hours per area by up to 67%

Quick Facts

  • Strong presence in the telecom industry with exposure to multiple communication technologies such as FTTx (FTTh, FTTc, FTTp and FTTb), ISDN, PDH, SDH, DWDM, xDSL, xPON, Metro Ethernet, IPTV, and MPLS
  • Built-in quality tools in the InFiPlan suite reduce QA/ QC effort by 60-70%
  • Supported network rollout for 3,226,000 homes in the USA, Europe and Australia