SmartView Dashboard

Cyient SmartView ITSM Dashboard

The Cyient SmartView dashboard provides a single pane of glass visibility and control of all the service-enabling infrastructure that’s critical to your business.

Breaking Through the Operational Efficiency Ceiling

The SmartView architecture has evolved from our engagements involving complex, large-scale, and multi-vendor infrastructures. Organizations with these infrastructures faced an operational efficiency ceiling. We would align, rationalize, and automate the ITSM foundation, but there was no standard visualization solution that would provide the next level of operational efficiency. A solution was needed that would integrate with financial, CRM, warehousing, and all other systems that were critical to these organizations.

We broke through the operational efficiency ceiling with SmartView.

SmartView Is A Dashboard Architecture – Not A Single Product

SmartView is a dashboard solution architecture using a fully customizable front-end dashboard product, best-of-breed middleware products, our proprietary design methodology and completed with our system integration skills. The front-end dashboard product has robust integration and customization capabilities, but it is not plug-and-play.

Fully Customized to Your Unique Situation

Our proprietary design methodology and system integration skills create a visualization solution customized to your unique requirements. The methodology creates customized workflows, metrics, reports, and visual components.

We integrate all the apps and systems that are important to your business providing visualization of monitoring, incident management, performance, and SSO drill-down control from the dashboard. We’ve integrated financial apps, warehousing/logistics systems, and even

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SmartView Benefits

  • True ‘single-pane-of-glass’ visualization of the entire solution
  • Actionable business and operations view with customized role-based information
  • Improvement in service availability (60%+ reported by clients)
  • Reduction in MTTR with single-sign-on drill down to quickly pinpoint the root cause (50% reported by clients)
  • Mobile device enabled
  • Increased solution ROI and lower TCO
  • Reduced labor hours to manage the solution

The World’s Best Use SmartView

Cyient SmartView has proven its value in the most challenging and complex infrastructures. It is currently deployed at:

  • The world’s largest energy company
  • The world’s largest beverage company
  • One of the world’s greatest cities – New York City

Click here to read a case study by on Cyient SmartView at the world’s largest beverage company.

It’s Not the Same Single Pane for Everyone

Cyient SmartView simplifies complex infrastructure into intuitive, iconic, and single-pane views. But not everyone has the same data visualized on their single panes. We customize the visualization for role-based actions and decisions. Click here to learn more.

Experience a Live Demo

We have deployed a production version of SmartView in our lab. The demo shows navigation between products in a single pane of glass, trouble ticket integration, event notification, advanced correlation, common reporting, and other key functions.

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