Data Assessment & Consultancy

Our smart data services are directed toward assessing the client’s existing use of geospatial information, tools and technologies. This service helps assess the current state of software, data model and business processes that the organization has, and identifies any outstanding needs or gaps. We provide critical analysis, study existing systems and processes, and recommend the necessary steps the organization should take to achieve its goals.

How We Can Help

  • Access to subject matter experts with relevant domain expertise
  • Establish efficient business processes
  • Provide in-depth analysis reports in a structured manner and recommend cost-effective solutions for data transformation

Quick Facts

  • Strong domain expertise in electric, utilities and communication, with more than 20 years of experience working across multiple industries
  • Extensive industry experience in executing projects in data cleanup, capture, conflation, maintenance, etc., for international clients
  • Over 1,000 resources with average GIS industry experience of over 15 years, and hands-on experience in working with ESRI, Smallworld, Bentley, G/Technology, and Autodesk products
  • Expert project management teams with over 20 years of experience in the GIS industry
  • More than 20 experienced GIS specialists with data modeling expertise