Data Management

Efficient data management derives and delivers high quality, actionable insights from the vast amounts of data generated every day across industries. With thousands of data specialists across multiple locations, we provide extensive services including data sourcing, cleansing and standardization, conversion and migration, conflation, maintenance, assessment, and consultancy.

Our data services help our clients across industries such as utilities, communications, energy and natural resources, and geospatial address their most pressing challenges and derive maximum benefit from their data systems. For instance, we help utilities and communication organizations create, update, and manage their network asset data and field updates. We work with mining organizations to update and refresh their exploration databases by incorporating missing attributes or new data.

At Cyient, we also leverage a range of in-house software tools that utilize intelligent spatial technology to automate processes. Our clients benefit from our rigorous quality control practices, expertise in multiple GIS systems and formats, and in-depth knowledge of the utilities, communications, and energy and natural resources domains. Listed below are some examples of how we have added value to our clients:

  • We cleansed the physical and logical network data for a large communication service provider in the APAC region enabling an error-free datasets of synchronized databases which enabled them to efficiently plan their copper networks.
  • Upgraded and converted all network records into electronic format for a large CSP in Europe. Our services significantly reduced data conversion efforts and increased network recording accuracy from 70% to almost 100%, which mean easy access to comprehensive and accurate network data for effective decision making.
  • Helped a leading electric utility in the U.S. improve their operations through process improvements and integration of more accurate data. We provided high-quality data maintenance services for both existing service records and on-going work-order postings, in an offline and online mode.
  • Conflated existing land base data with new data for a leading utility in the U.S. This helped reduce relocation costs for their gas and electric facilities and improve operational processes.
  • Helped an oil and gas drilling organization maintain their procurement database which had data coming from several sources in different formats following a series of new acquisitions. We cleansed and standardized newly-acquired datasets to eliminate data duplication and ensure adherence to standard nomenclature. This meant the procurement database was cleansed and standardized for quick and access to industry standard data that could now be ported across platforms.