Rail Transportation

With a domain experience of more than 16 years and 20 Mn+ engineering hours, Cyient has delivered transformative global engineering solutions to rolling stock and signaling OEMs and rail operators to ensure greater capabilities, flexibility, and increased competitiveness. Whether designing next-generation trains, enabling complex signaling upgrades, or improving efficiency through predictive maintenance, our 1,700+ engineers are at the core of solving business challenges. We have executed major projects in more than 20 countries, collaborating with rail OEMs and operators to integrate more value and innovation into their products and services.

Safety and Security

With passenger rail traffic expected to double by 2020, challenges around ensuring passenger safety and comfort will increase. We design solutions and provide support to upgrade systems and products in rolling stock, signaling, infrastructure, and operations to cater to evolving safety standards including cybersecurity.

Standardization and Efficiency

International markets offer a world of business opportunities for companies to tap in to. Our team has rich experience in platform-based product development that can also be adapted to meet country-specific project requirements. Additionally, we help clients improve efficiency by implementing best practices such as remote control or maintenance solutions.

Digitization in Rail

With a combination of deep domain knowledge, analytics, and problem-solving capabilities, we are a strong industry partner to leverage the Internet of Trains—a rail-specific adaptation to IoT—and related technologies for a safer train journey, increased efficiency, and improved passenger experience.

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