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Written by Arunima Prasad
on 02 Nov 2016

This is the second part of this article. You can read the first part here.

As companies today, grasp the importance and significance of drones, they are seeking ways to leverage the opportunities this offers. To do so, the leaders in such enterprises need to understand the impact of such investment and prepare to manage the resulting changes in the dynamics between processes, people, and robots. In effect, they need to evaluate where to leverage and benefit from the use of UAVs in business process automation.

So, how do companies looking to explore the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) space get started?

At Cyient, we help our clients unlock the potential of UAVs to transform their business using the following process.

Define the client’s challenge

The first step in designing a UAV application is identifying the problem correctly. This helps us understand the information and data the UAV needs to assess and the decisions to be made based on the data. Using this understanding, we deploy best-in-class hardware and software. In effect, its finding that “nice problem to solve”.

Understand safety, security, and regulatory requirements

Understanding government level or industry-wide regulations is critical to ensure that applications do not violate safety or security. For example, the FAA has recently finalized guidelines and regulations for UAV usage in the US. In India, we have a draft regulation and workable frameworks available. At Cyient, we track, understand, and imbibe these guidelines to ensure the applications we help develop and operate, do not violate safety or security regulations.

Determine appropriate sensing mechanism Problem will define the use of appropriate sensing mechanism.

For example, if temp differentials or heat signature emitted needs to be sensed, a thermal sensor payload of appropriate resolution capability is used.

Evaluate digital integration for an end-to-end industry offering

We leverage our expertise in multiple technology frameworks to offer solutions. UAV technologies already use multitude of Hitech technologies, these coupled with other digital technologies like big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence etc. can significantly improve decision-making systems.

Innovation is no longer an option; it is a business imperative

Innovation is imperative for our business growth, we have efficient processes and systems which ensure that we gather right ideas and work on them to deliver business results. UAV based services is one such area where corporate innovation team is incubating and delivering unique solutions.


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