Rail Transportation

Within the rapidly evolving transportation industry, rail transport holds a unique promise for the future – and some risk. A strong, proven and agile design partner can help absorb some of that risk and improve efficiency while bringing about significant savings. Not to mention innovative rail engineering solutions. Cyient, with a presence in 41 global locations, has experience on more than 200+ major projects around the world. Over the past decade, we’ve developed processes that help global rail organizations manage their projects efficiently, whether in rolling stock, signaling or rail electrification.

Our rail engineers – numbering more than 1500, with 14 million hours of end-to-end rail engineering expertise – offer complete solutions that have helped our clients receive more than $100 million in savings and win significant bids. Our projects cover all the major rail systems, with a strong presence in emerging markets.

Our experience is vast and expands across high speed, metro, LRV, tram, and freight, in rolling stock to both mainline and mass transit signaling. Our project footprint across the globe has given us deeper insights into regulations of major rail systems. Cyient is certified by IRIS. Our engineers hold IRSE (200+ engineers) and ARTC licenses, which helps them solve some of the toughest signaling problems. We have also been rated by Zinnov as the market leader in global R&D services for rail transportation for the past three years. Based in India, Cyient works to drive rail engineering innovation all over the world.

Data analytics solutions: Facilitate safe and efficient fleet operations and increase profitability

Like many other industries, railroad companies are integrating machine sensor and business data into many different aspects of their operations to make better-informed decisions. We can help you derive actionable insights from your data to optimize fleet operation and profitability. We also help rail transportation companies by facilitating a connected rail system, enabling intelligent operations and maximizing profitability, while ensuring safe and on-time performance. Our predictive equipment maintenance solutions help minimize emissions, improve fuel efficiency and ensure sustainability.

Cyient Insights, our data sciences arm, leverages advanced analytics to provide actionable business insights. Visit the Cyient Insights website for more detailed information.