Rail Transportation

With a domain experience of more than 15 years and 15 Mn+ engineering hours, Cyient has delivered transformative global engineering solutions to rolling stock and signaling OEMs and rail operators to ensure greater capabilities, flexibility, and increased competitiveness. Whether designing next-generation trains, enabling complex signaling upgrades, or improving efficiency through predictive maintenance, our 1,700+ engineers are at the core of solving business challenges. We have executed major projects in more than 20 countries, collaborating with rail OEMs and operators to integrate more value and innovation into their products and services.

Connected Mobility

Enhance your fleet operations, customer satisfaction index, revenue, and profitability because our design engineers focus on making the passenger journey more efficient, comfortable, and reliable.

Safety and Security

Discover how advanced data analytics capabilities can provide actionable insights for asset optimization. Our predictive equipment maintenance solutions minimize asset downtime, improve efficiency, and ensure sustainability.

Standardization and Efficiency

Gain insights into regulations of major rail systems and industry best practices by leveraging our global footprint. Our solutions are tailored to drive operational safety and business excellence.

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