Utility service providers face numerous challenges in maintaining and managing their network as well as assets while delivering efficient services. Although emerging technologies and adoption of smart grids enable utilities to use data effectively to manage the generation, distribution, and demand, the existing communication networks restrict their ability to realize these benefits. Utilities need to modernize their communications infrastructure with next generation networks (NGN) to seamlessly manage instant flows of information. The implementation of fiber optic cable can offer significant advantages regarding viability, reliability, resiliency, and efficiency. It can not only help simplify but also accelerate data access and, in turn, improve overall network efficiency.

This paper discusses how extending fiber network to smart grid infrastructures can allow utilities to collect real-time data, perform on-demand outages, and monitor and optimize power utilization effectively. It also suggests that collaborating with communication service providers can help utilities reduce the cost and complexity of building and maintaining two separate communication networks. The paper also highlights our expertise in implementing smart communication solutions that can help utilities derive maximum benefit from their existing assets and infrastructure.

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