Organizations today rely heavily on digital mapping to gain updated information on assets ranging from coastlines and oil deposits to man-made structures and terrain models. The quality of information is critical to business success as inaccurate terrain data may lead to significant cost and legal implications. In the absence of the right technology and expertise, organizations are struggling to tap into accurate terrain models best suited for their business needs. A digital approach can help facilitate best practices in gathering and mining data using commercial systems and methods that are easily available.

Find out how our comprehensive set of geospatial data and information services help organizations accurately locate their field assets (mobile and fixed) and optimize field force deployment. Our solution uses remote sensing techniques to deliver reliable and up-to-date 3D spatial information for locations around the world. It provides structured data and rich insights to help you make informed decisions on time and within budget. Read the whitepaper to learn how 3D topography mapping can help enhance operational efficiency and decision making capabilities.

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