FiOps is our integrated service offering that is designed to enable utility clients to leverage their existing systems and data to gain more useful operational intelligence, resulting in better and more actionable decision making. FiOps is not a product—it is an innovative service offering that leverages dynamic business logic, and data management processes. FiOps introduces operational efficiencies into day-to-day utility transactions by leveraging geographic information system (GIS) technologies, smart meter data, and data analytics.

FiOps utilizes the technical components of today’s utilities, such as GIS, AMI, and OMS, to create operational intelligence: the right data at the right time. By combining the proper blend of customer-licensed Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) software with our data management, software development, and system integration capabilities, our FiOps services offer significantly higher value and lower cost of ownership than other competing solutions.

This paper introduces our FiOps services offering and outlines its value, our architecture approach to delivery, and our key thought leadership that enables this capability.

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