Market studies show there is cautious optimism for the mining industry in the coming years. However, with cybersecurity threats, technology disruptions, cost pressures and environmental instability, it is still at a pivotal point. Companies need to shift their strategy focus on unlocking productivity through innovated technologies. Partnering with Cyient to meet end-to-end mining engineering needs enables our clients to transform their business operations.

Cyient Solution: Tailored Offerings to Drive Better Outcomes for Mining Operations

Built around the key concepts of health, safety and compliance, our solutions combine best practices across industries, innovative engineering concepts, and technologies to deliver stellar results. Our engineering services support OEMs, mining operators and EPCs in new product design, plant design, asset management, data management and operations efficiency enhancement. Our team of engineers has expertise across turbines, engines, compressors, mechanical, and combustion systems.

We are the trusted partner for OEMs, mining operators and EPCs optimizing and managing their data by providing efficient geological, spatial, and non-spatial data management services. With more than 20 years of experience in effectively managing structured and unstructured data, we enable companies to improve their decision-making process. Our service offerings support the creation, management, analysis, and delivery of the vast amount of data generated during the mining process.

Outcomes Delivered

Cyient’s team of 1,500+ mining industry engineers offer process engineering solutions across the project life cycle-from FEED through commissioning. Our expertise has helped clients:

  • Increase productivity through streamlined processes and standards
  • Maximize capital asset utilization through product enhancement and reduced downtime
  • Enhance focus on health and safety through product improvement solutions and a strong focus on compliance
  • Increase flexibility of engineering capacity
  • Localize mining equipment as per market needs

OEMs, mining operators and EPCs also benefit from Cyient’s data transformation solutions to manage and organize their data. Cyient’s 4,100+ highly-skilled data management specialists have helped clients achieve significant goals:

  • 1.8 Bn drilling and sample records catalogued and classified
  • 150 Mn+ records migrated to ESRI platform
  • 20 Mn+ legacy records migrated into standardized, structured format
  • 800 Mn+ geochemical records generated from legacy data

Commercial Equipment