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Accelerating Digital Transformation in Industry: Cyient's Proven Approach Cyient
Accelerating Digital Transformation in Industry: Cyient's Proven Approach
Haritha Tallapaneni Haritha Tallapaneni Written by Haritha Tallapaneni, Read the latest articles, blog posts, news and press releases written by haritha tallapaneni
on 09 Oct 2020

The telecom industry has not only grown at a rapid pace over the past two decades, but it has also witnessed a paradigm shift of technologies toward digitalization. In fact, the sector has frequently addressed changes in government regulations, compliance rules, and consumer expectations.

With more than 25 years of experience working for communications service providers (CSPs), Cyient helps customers lead the digital revolution that transforms the telecom sector. We have acquired cutting-edge, evolving technologies to offer innovative and first-time-right (FTR) solutions to global companies.

Listed below are select highlights of our long-standing (10+ years) relationship with some of the Tier 1 CSPs worldwide. These real-world examples of Cyient’s services and solutions demonstrate how we have digitally transformed our customers’ legacy data—in paper-based maps and other traditional formats—to spatially-intelligent smart data that improves efficiency and reduces operational costs.


Customer Abstract
CSP in Belgium
Our customer faced challenges in making timely decisions concerning go-to-market (GTM) strategies and improving their customer experiences. This was primarily because their inventory data—spanning 300,000 kilometers—existed in paper maps and several other traditional formats without clearly defined quality benchmarks.

Cyient worked with the CSP and implemented an innovative solution to transition the data on the paper maps to the digital world, with a spatially-intelligent process in a phased manner, thus enabling the CSP to realize the following benefits:

  • Enabled data accuracy, completeness, and ease of usability for better customer service, improved resource utilization, and enhanced productivity
  • Saved 4,000 square meters of paper every day, which is equivalent to 3,000 trees
CSP in Switzerland
We successfully digitalized and upgraded our customer’s legacy network data comprising multiple disjointed modules and sources to a next-generation GIS-based system integrated with associated logical components.

This digital transformation program provided the CSP with the following advantages:

  • Met the demands of their end-customers—aggregating 2.51 million connections—with higher bandwidth while addressing deployment challenges and ensuring compliance to local regulations
  • Recorded an improvement of 99.9% in network quality with superior data and FTR solutions
  • Achieved better service provisioning and improved cycle time
  • Automated network feasibility process based on reliable data quality

Despite working in non-English speaking teams, language was never a barrier for Cyient. We worked collaboratively with our customer all through the digital transformation program and network upgrading life cycle.

CSP in Australia
Cyient is one of the trusted partners of a leading CSP from Australia with 13+ years of delivery success. We deliver end-to-end services focused on order to activate, access planning, HFC and FTTx plan and design, and mobile as a Tier 1 provider for the CSP. The service engages over 1,200 professionals.

Our innovative solutions enabled the customer to lead digital transformation in its sector and, we also helped them stay ahead of the curve. Further, we accelerated their time-to-market with reduced CAPEX and OPEX and enhanced customer satisfaction.

The following are some of the key benefits from our digital engineering excellence program for the customer:

  • Reduced address validation and alignment cycle time from 24 hours to two hours by bringing the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) together with AI
  • Validated, aligned, and updated over 15 million cadastral, 10 million network elements, and 13 million addresses comprising multiple systems and databases, with 100% quality and FTR
  • Reduced lead time by 30% with the implementation of Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and process automation
  • Ensured 100% compliance with local regulations while delivering services and solutions
  • Increased Net Promoter Score (NPS) by 12 points under order-to-activation processes

Cyient’s DNA of “going the extra mile” helped us become the preferred partner for major CSPs worldwide in their journey toward a connected digital world. Today, we take pride in connecting 40% of telecom end-customers and businesses worldwide. Our technology enablers and accelerators allow telecoms to automate operations, build agility into their networks, and deliver superior customer experiences. As we continue to surf the digital wave, we look forward to strengthening our bond with existing customers while building new relationships in the future.

Role of women in deploying and accelerating digital transformation

As a woman working in the Communications Business Unit at Cyient, I have had many opportunities to streamline digitalization for our customers. It is also great to see that many of our women associates participate actively in these tech-enabled tasks and have delivered exceptional results.

Diversity and inclusion has always been the mantra in this company for HR processes encompassing recruitment, growth, and retention. And women get their fair share of opportunities for decision-making and leadership roles. As stated in a Morgan Stanley report, gender diversity in technology impacts bottom lines, and I am proud to be associated with the projects that enriched Cyient’s experience as a digital solutions provider.

The gender diversity in our organization and equitable representation of women across business units lead to better social sensitivity and higher collective intelligence. As database administrators, software developers, project managers, and information security analysts, we contribute to increased revenues, higher profit margins, and improved customer experiences.

Although the wide gender gap in the engineering industry is still a concern, we hope that more companies will take steps to dissolve barriers and break new ground.

Business practices are changing dramatically in a COVID world. As digitalization and virtualization transform age-old concepts at work, we must embrace the change and find the right skills to drive positive outcomes, while letting go of our subconscious biases in the process.


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