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John Kenkel Written by John Kenkel, Read the recent blogs posts , press releases and news written by John Kenkel
on 28 Aug 2018

In part one of this blog series, we discussed the key trends that stood out at the Farnborough International Airshow this year-from the focus on digital to the reemergence of supersonic and the Brexit debate. Part two highlights the Cyient impact and our capabilities and solutions that were on display at FIA 2018.

Our presence at FIA this year was marked by the showcase of our avionics strength, our aftermarket support, digital technologies, and design-led manufacturing capabilities. However, what stood out included:

  • The Transmit and Receive Module Product Launch: We successfully launched our X-Band TRM product, which provides an important value addition by enhancing performance, simplifying production processes, and reducing costs for radar systems. We had about a dozen guests for the launch that included members of the press and industry, and we received strong coverage in the industry press.
    Media Pannel Discussion
    Kaushal Jadia, VP and Global Delivery Head for Avionics, addresses the media at the launch of the Cyient Transmit and Receive Module at FIA
  • The Cyient New Business Accelerator (NBA) Program: The TRM was launched through the Cyient NBA program, which is an in-house initiative to facilitate internal innovation through R&D. The NBA aims to provide the much needed “incubator” shot to innovation and transform the A&D product development lifecycle creating a competitive advantage for our clients.
  • The "Digital Corner:" Cyient had a dedicated space for our digital solutions that were on full display at the airshow. We were able to walk our guests through a full display of our AR/VR capabilities. Our IoT router was on display along with our IoT tool that allowed tracking and monitoring of charging stations onboard commercial aircraft. Visitors also got an opportunity to view our range of additive manufactured components for both commercial and military applications.
    Cyient commercial and military applications
    The "Digital Corner" at FIA showcased our AR/VR, IoT, and additive manufacturing solution and capabilities.
  • Official Mobile Application Sponsor for the Farnborough International Airshow: Cyient as the Official Mobile App Sponsor was successful in providing an enhanced experience at FIA 2018. Visitors could connect with senior A&D executives at our VIP chalet and learn about how our avionic solutions are redefining the A&D product lifecycle. The app was downloaded ~39,000 times by visitors to the trade show.
  • An Increased Focus on Solutions: With our growing focus on developing solutions to solve some of our client's most critical challenges, we showcased a number of our technologies that provided a more hand’s on experience. Our UAS partnership with BlueBird generated strong discussion and interest from our guests. Similarly, the USB charging stations we produce for commercial aircraft seats were also on display for which we had additive manufactured housing and integrate IoT capabilities, for our guests to charge their mobile devices.
    IoT capabilities charge mobile devices
    The Cyient Solutions and Systems UAV and our aircraft USB chargers on display at our VIP chalet

The Way Ahead: Disruptive Solutions for the A&D Industry

The A&D industry needs to prepare for the future, but that future will come incrementally rather than overnight. Through our strategy to shift from services to solutions, we are focusing on gaps in the market and inflection points where our solutions and capabilities will be immediately scaled to take the best advantage of that future growth rather than trying to compete against long-embedded suppliers in established markets that have peaked or trying to invest resources for problems that present more byline than budget.

Through this strategy, we manage market risk effectively, while being proactive and targeted in where we expend our capital (both human and financial) on innovation and growth. This alignment between, and understanding of, market growth and investment will place Cyient in a leadership position in areas that have the greatest long-term impact on the A&D market.

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