Infotech Enterprises and ViryaNet Sign Partner Agreement; Combined global presence in Mobile Workforce Management drives business efficiency for utility and telecom customers.

Infotech Enterprises and ViryaNet Sign Partner Agreement; Combined global presence in Mobile Workforce Management drives business efficiency for utility and telecom customers.

  Dec 20, 2012 11:04:48 AM

20 December 2012, Westborough, MA - Infotech and ViryaNet today announced a strategic partnership. Infotech is a provider of leading-edge engineering solutions, and ViryaNet is a leading provider of software solutions that optimize the planning, execution, and monitoring of service processes for mobile workforces.

The partnership between Infotech and ViryaNet will provide a flexible framework so that the joint relationship may evolve in a variety of ways in response to customer demands and market conditions, particularly within the Utilities and Telecommunications sectors. This relationship not only ensures a combined global presence but also expands Infotech's capabilities to include the ability to deliver purpose-built mobile workforce management applications for strategic planning, optimized scheduling, exception-based dispatch and online/offline mobile work execution by integrating the best-of-breed mobile workforce management solutions from ViryaNet.

Infotech Enterprises recently participated in the implementation training program for ViryaNet's mobile workforce management solution, ViryaNet G4. With the successful completion of ViryaNet's advanced training, Infotech's highly skilled and experienced engineers will become certified in ViryaNet G4.

"Infotech is delighted to be partnering with such a great technology company as ViryaNet. The combination of Infotech's proven integration skills and domain knowledge with ViryaNet G4's rich functionality will deliver significant value and benefit to existing, and new, customers worldwide.” John Renard, President UT&C business, Infotech Enterprises.

"This new partnership with Infotech expands our global reach and our ability to implement ViryaNet's solutions worldwide,” said Jim Robidoux, Vice President, Customer Care, ViryaNet. "Infotech and ViryaNet have a similar focus: helping our customers drive business efficiency and provide better service. In addition, ViryaNet's integrated approach ensures customers can meet these business objectives in a cost-effective way.”

About Infotech Enterprises

Infotech Enterprises provides leading-edge engineering solutions, including product development and life-cycle support, process, network and content engineering to major organizations worldwide. With over two decades of continuous growth, Infotech leverages a global delivery and collaborative engineering model to achieve measurable and substantial benefits for our clients. Whether your organization needs to design innovative products faster, optimize R&D costs, increase market share, enhance operational efficiency or maximize the return on investment in your networks, Infotech Enterprises is the ideal partner.

Infotech has over 10,000 associates across 35+ global locations. We adopt a proactive approach to serve our clients with our best-in-class delivery centers in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific. Our clients span multiple industries such as Aerospace, Consumer, Energy, Medical, Heavy Equipment, Oil & Gas, Mining, HiTech, Transportation, Telecom and Utilities and include 22 'Fortune 500' and 27 'Global 500' blue chip organizations. 

About ViryaNet

ViryaNet delivers mobile workforce management solutions that intelligently guide, automate, and optimize both simple and complex field service work, resulting in measurable business benefits. ViryaNet's products, pre-packaged solutions and people are recognized within the industry as innovative which in turn enables its' customers to be viewed as leaders within their respective industries. ViryaNet's G4 products specialize in the functions of scheduling and dispatching resources and enabling mobile field communication and are delivered in industry specific configurations. Embedding industry best practices and utilizing innovative technologies like ViryaNet's BPM Blueprint for Mobile Workforce ManagementTM, Microsoft InfoPath® and device agnostic mobile solutions enable ViryaNet's products to be rapidly deployed and extended to support virtually any business process across a wide range of industries. ViryaNet is proud to call many of the world's leading utilities, the United States' largest pure rural telecommunications firm, the supermarkets' most respected retailer, and North America's largest auto insurer as customers. ViryaNet has strong partnerships with leading platform and system integration companies that enable it to have a global presence. Headquartered in Westborough, MA, ViryaNet has additional offices in the United States and Israel. For more information visit our website or follow us on twitter.

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