Cyient develops mobility solution Field Operations Management System (FOMS) for managing field asset information

Cyient develops mobility solution Field Operations Management System (FOMS) for managing field asset information

  Jun 19, 2015 11:25:44 AM

Melbourne, Australia, June 19, 2015 – Cyient Limited has developed a market-leading mobile application called FOMS for managing field asset information. Cyient's mobile-based solution is founded on emerging iOS and Android applications. The mobility application helps bridge the gap between field visits and powerful Geographic Information System (GIS) platforms, by providing design capability in the field. The synchronization of data is done both for real-time and off-line modes.

With the rapid development of infrastructure and increased network demands, utility and telecommunication companies are facing challenges in managing their growing infrastructure footprint. Common business challenges faced by heavy-asset companies include changing technology, regulatory environments, customer expectations, multiple systems, productivity levels of surveyors/field engineers and limited capability of existing field survey tools. Field staff often document their findings with manual notes, photographs or videos captured at the job site. Such documentation can be useful for diagnosis, collaborative problem-solving, reporting inspection results to clients, or preparing for future service or assessment requirements at a particular job site.

Sanjay Krishnaa, Senior Vice President and APAC Head, Cyient said, "FOMS offers utility and telecommunication operators the capability to update network geometry in real-time and while in the field. This in-house developed field-mobility solution reduces the time for field visits, eliminates the need for re-entry of data and increases data accuracy. It also reduces operational expenses and turnaround time and facilitates on-time delivery of projects."

The most recent leading construction company to take advantage of the FOMS mobility application is Visionstream, a provider of design, construction and maintenance services for advanced communication and industrial networks in Australia and New Zealand.

Cyient's FOMS solution will enable Visionstream to implement their FieldVision concept. This will be a smart, best-in-class, cost-efficient field-mobility solution that integrates design capability, time and cost parameters across the Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB) rollout program. Primarily, this solution will support an optimized medium-level design process for the UFB architects to conduct amendments to the designs out in the field using the Cyient FOMS application.

"FOMS will enable the Visionstream UFB Delivery Team to implement this critical project on time and budget", said Nathaniel Terry, Records Manager, Visionstream. FOMS promises to aid other telecommunications and utility companies to enhance efficiency and delivery experience by reducing operational expenditure and turnaround time to facilitate on-time delivery of projects.

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About Vision Stream

With a heritage in design, construction and maintenance services, Visionstream is a trusted partner to leading telecommunication and ICT network providers, and industries who rely on mission critical infrastructure.

Visionstream was established in 1994 as a subsidiary of Telstra, to design and build the $4 billion Telstra Cable TV Rollout, before being acquired by Leighton Contractors in 1996.

Since 1996, Visionstream has been part of Leighton Contractors and built an impressive track record in delivering telecommunications construction, maintenance and engineering services to carriers, government, channel partners and enterprise customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Visionstream's key expertise is held in-house, backed by industry recognised accreditations and an award winning safety record.

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