Power Generation

With the demand for electricity expected to grow by a whopping 70% over the next 25 years, the need for reliable power generation is greater than ever before. However, given the evolving regulatory and technological landscape and increasing fluctuation in commodity market prices, optimizing the cost of power generation is a major challenge.

Cyient Solution: Tailored Offerings to Drive Better Outcomes

Cyient leverages its extensive experience and expertise of more than 450 plant and product engineering professionals specializing in design, analysis, and maintenance of thermal power plants to offer integrated multidisciplinary power plant engineering and asset management solutions. We collaborate with the world’s leading power generation original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractors, and power plant owners or operators to bolster your processes and enhance equipment efficiency while ensuring cost optimization.

Our project management, engineering procurement, construction assistance, vendor evaluation, and liaison services are aligned with the requirements of industry-specific regulatory and certifying authorities. Our power plant engineering solutions and services encompass:

  • Localized end-to-end engineering design services to capture opportunities in the emerging markets, and a flexible resource model for quick ramp-ups and ramp-downs.
  • Eco-friendly technologies to help lower emissions and meet clean and sustainable energy goals.
  • Advanced analytics solutions to provide powerful insights across key business areas, driving higher efficiencies and reduced operational costs
  • Centralized data platform for easy and timely access to information, resulting in fewer breakdowns and reduced maintenance costs.

Outcomes Delivered

We have enabled some of the world’s leading power generators to slash wind turbine downtime and optimized Nacelle ventilation design through thermal analysis and alternative design concepts. Our embedded electronics engineering design services have also helped our clients:

  • Reduce gas turbine design cycle time
  • Modularize package design and minimize maintenance cost of designing lattice and tubular towers with minimal bending and vibration failure
  • Design a unique transportation cage for blades for both road and sea travel

We are currently collaborating with three of the top 10 gas turbine OEMs, one of the top five nuclear reactor manufacturers, and two of the top 10 wind turbine OEMs to further enhance electricity generation capabilities. We are approved by the US (DOE) and Indian (DAE) regulatory bodies to undertake nuclear engineering projects.