Aero Interiors

The aircraft industry will start to reach full production levels in the coming years which will undoubtedly increase the revenue potential for the aircraft interiors market. The growth will be significant in Asia and Middle East as requirement for new aircrafts continues. This increase will be further fueled by a demand in the retrofit market, especially in the seating arena, and predominately in Western Europe and North America to ensure, that existing fleets are both up to date, and compliant.

Cyient can help support the aero interiors industry be it in cabin structures, seating, monuments, cabin avionics, or inflight entertainment (IFE), as companies look to innovate. For example weight reduction is a continuous concern; and as passenger numbers grow so does the demand for more personal space, and comfort from the seating area (through better lighting, IFE and flexibility), as well as additional luggage space. Galleys are diversifying as traditional airlines compete to provide a high level of service; whilst the low-cost carriers look to minimize their requirements. The industry is always looking at new technology to enhance the onboard experience be it in regards to photocell-activated taps or self-cleaning, through to LED usage in cabin lighting, and Wi-Fi access throughout the flight.

Cyient partners with customers to design tomorrow’s clean, spacious and efficient cabin interiors. We deliver aesthetic and light-weight interior designs for commercial and business jets. Our teams have extensive experience in floor-to-ceiling cabin structures; such as galleys, overhead stowage, lavatories, business and economy seats; and customized requirements for VIP completions.

Be it in-service cabin upgrades, VIP and business jet cabin customizations, or interior design for new aircraft programs; Cyient has the relevant experience and expertise. Integrating our composite design, stress, tubing design, electrical schematic and harness routing expertise, we deliver innovative and cost-efficient solutions to help our customers solve interior design challenges. Design variants require customized manuals&#8212our technical publications team creates, updates and manages this value stream.

Cyient delivers in-cabin avionics solutions for next-generation IFE, lighting solutions, as well as intuitive graphical user interfaces for cabin and cargo management. We help design interior solutions to exceed demanding expectations of the next-generation traveler while making their journey memorable.

Service offerings

  • Full design ownership
  • Mechanical design & analysis
  • Production drawings
  • Tubing design & routing
  • Electrical schematics & harness routing
  • FE analysis & stress justification dossiers
  • DER compliance report
  • Technical publications
  • Design automation
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Tool design

Be it onsite or offshore, Cyient is able to manage the day to day requirements in this industry, and adapt to the workforce requirements, thus providing suppliers the flexibility to address the demands of any change request quickly and efficiently. OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers are continually under pressure to provide cost savings, faster and on quality delivery, and look to a partner that can help alleviate these burdens.

Our core design and manufacturing competencies in aerostructures, avionics, and aero systems combined with innovation, proven track record, and ability to provide a risk-sharing partnership; enables Cyient to offer a more complete value proposition to our customers in the retrofit and completion market space.